Is Anyone Else Getting ANXIOUS

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Lil_Mamma - May 29

Hey everyone!! Im at 25 weeks today and im going CRAZY! I hope im not the only one, but im actually getting anxiety!... Before Pregnancy I would get Anxiety over anything more than 5 days away.... Planning my wedding day... I was a Wreck!! I have a count down at my desk and every day I take one day away just to calm my nerves... Does anyone know if Anxiety will hurt the baby? Ive heard that Major stress can affect him.... If anyone else is feeling this write back! Thnx


Angiconda - May 29

I agree with you as I am very anxiouse as well. I wouldnt say I have anexity and I am not sure what kind of effect that has on the baby but I am just really excited and feel like my baby is never going to come LOL


Mingill - May 29

Lil_Mamma, don't worry I don't think you're alone in this. For me (26 weeks), I get anxious when I think about the birth. I try not to think about it, but I know that sooner or later I need to face this, certainly before the big day. We're starting prenatal cla__ses in a couple of weeks, so I might just overwhelm the instructor with all my questions. Hopefully that will help put my nerves at ease.


Taneika - May 29

You are definetely not alone. I bounce back and forth between being anxious and not wanting to deliver just yet (this is our last one, so I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts). I'm already freaking out about not having everything we need and my baby's not due until Sept.


venus_in_scorpio - May 29

omg me too... im onkly 15 weeks... i just cant wait for something to HAPPEN. im too fat for my clothes and too small for maternity clothes. but im not showing and i cant feel any kicks and dont know the s_x... ack!


San_dee - May 30

omg soo know what you mean!! But i have found hobbies have been great!! Ive watched a lot of movies and read lots of books, just started a paint by numbers and my husband has got me into playing that world of warcraft. so i can honestly say that time is now starting to fly!!!


sophandbob - May 30

I can totally relate to this. I have been feeling similar to this, as I can't handle surprises (i've even been known to unwrap xmas presents before the day, then wrap them again to calm me down!) and thereforehad to find out if it was a boy or girl to stop the endless questions!! I am so impatient, and need everything to happen right now, but if it happened yesterday, all the better!! Anxiety is a form of stress and that can impact upon the baby in the form of high BP, although don't let that add to your anxiety - worrying about worrying is daft! My granddad used to say to me, there is no point in worry as what you worry over might not happen, and these are words, as a born worrier, that I try to live my life by. Instead of day counting, why don't you try to list your anxieties? Seeing them on paper might make them less real, or not seem as important. Make use of this forum - I am sure you'll find the anxieties you have are shared 10 times over, and knowing that might help to!!


Tanya2 - May 30

Ladies, this is my second pregnancy, my daughter is 8 months and i'm having a boy now, the two will be 11 months apart. Anyways my advice would be not to stress too much about labour, everyone has a different birth story and no matter how you imagine it to be, when the day comes it will be different. Just have an open mind and have faith. Labour is the easy part (especially if u r like me and took the epidural), the first 6 weeks after is the hardest ever. No one ever prepares you for that and I many friends/collegues who are new moms and find it the same. The prenatal cla__ses help but I was so overwhelmed after each cla__s, i had so much to remember and would stress that I would forget it. Also remember that this is a natural thing, you will learn so much within the first week. I can tell that you guys are going to be great parents, i mean you are already worrying, that says a lot. So for now, enjoy your pregnancy and SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP whenver you can. Good luck to you.



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