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D~ - August 29

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and not eating extremely healthy. I usually eat healthy for breakfast, lunch, but when it comes to dinner I spoil it. I'll eat junk food, fast food or whatever. I'm taking my prenatal pills religiously, but is this really bad for the baby? I'm not craving HEALTHY foods, and I wish I was....anyone else going through this too?????


BIA - August 29

I do the exact same thing! I have been eating that new weight control oatmeal that is fortified with protein for breakfast, a "healthy choice" meal or a salad for lunch, but I always b__w it at dinner. I usually eat pasta, pizza, hamburgers, etc for dinner, and then I have to have a bowl of cereal before bed EVERY night. I wake up and tell myself that I will do better each day, but it always ends the same. I am 25 weeks and have gained around 17 lbs.


relax - August 29

jeez, relax, you just need to eat enough.. hamburgers aren't unhealthy, pizza isn't that bad, and pasta is good for you. as long as u don't gain over 50 lbs for a singleton and 100lbs for twins or more, you'll be fine. I suggest reading pregnancy books for a guide to eating... I read 3 good meals and 3 snack meals per day is best, and of course balanced... its not hurting u or the baby.. so just eat, its better than not eating, which is no good. fast food every day and every meal isn't good, but if u stop to grab a burger to snack on its fine, especially since you're feeding the baby.. read a book, ask your doc to refer you to a nutritionist if you're really concerned.


kl - August 30

i don't know any pregnant person who is craving healthy food...i know i am not but i am not concerened about weight gain either...i gain a bit over 50 lbs with my 1st pregnancy and i had a big, healthy baby girl and lost almost all the weight with in the first 6 months...i am pregnant with # 2, in my 14th week and i have gaine 18 lbs...i am right on track with my first...relax and enjoy the ride!


Jennifer - August 30

I'm in the same boat ladies, I eat very healthy for breakfast and lunch then dinner is a free for all! I usually eat another snack before bed also, I try to make that one healthy like fruit and cheese, but I'm lucky because I love fruit and I don't feel like I'm being deprived when I eat it. I don't feel bad having what I want for supper, I'm 25 weeks and have gained 10 pounds so the baby must need it. Look at it this way, at least our babies are getting two very healthy meals a day, and like relax said there is cheese and veggies in pizza, protien in burgers maybe even a slice of tomato and carbs are good for you when you are pregnant


me - August 31

All I want is high quality restaraunt foods that I can't afford. Sometimes I can't eat till 3 in the afternoon, but I know my baby's OK.


louise - August 31

do your self a favour. stay away from high sugar foods if you like evening binges. the reason being, the high sugar could lkead to gestational diabetes, a baby with too much sugar and needing intensive care after birth, or even just a large baby. a lady whom i know drank lucozade (a glucse energy drink) about 4 times a day because she had no energy, and she gave birth to an 11lb9oz baby. the thought of a baby that size does imply that she had an episiotomy, which i think everyone would avoid if they could. you also need to watch your salt levels, as a very high concentration iof salt could cause problems with your baby's kidneys. if you like the natughties, try cereal bars (as they taste amazing and they are better for you, yougharts, rich tea biscuits, oven chips isntead of fried chips, etc. try to find a lighter subst_tute if your really concerned. however, if its not severe as your putting on too much weight during your pregnancy, just relax and enjoy it while you can get away with it



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