Is Anyone Else Scared That Something Will Be Wrong

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Bonnie L - October 17

I've reached the second T but I'm still a little scared of malformations or other things that can happen. I hate not knowing what's going on inside there! It's scary.


Christi - October 17

I've been worried since Day #1. I quit smoking the day I found out I was pregnant... I cant bare to think that anything I do could cause an unhealthy baby. I don't know what I will do if something happens or goes wrong. I think its a normal fear though. It's the "motherly-instinct" begining. Scary to think that I am already this concerned and protective...LOL


nicnac - October 17

i feel the same way Christi. You never really think about how important the phrase "as long as i have a healthy baby" means until you become preggo. I try not to think about it too much.


Lisa - October 17

I feel the same way too, you just don't know and you really can't know everything. Somethings even after all the tests can still be a suprise. I just pray all the time and try to be good to my body to help the baby anyway I can.


Jennifer - October 25

Oh boy... I have had 3 miscarrys so until this baby is born, I will continue wondering if something might be wrong. I've been told to do positive affirmations in the mirror... "my body will nurish my baby" "my baby is healthy in every way" etc. But in the back of my mind, I still wonder.


Amber - October 25

I did smoke before i found out (not anymore). And i drank. (not anymore) And i took perscription narcotics. (for pain) All before i found out. I Talked to the DR and she said that that was no matter. Evenso, its in the past and nothing I can do about it. I read in a book where some bibical woman we told by an angel to take no wine, for she would conceive. And hell! No one is THAT lucky! We are only human, and were at the time living for ourselves. As long as we kept our bodies clean when we found out, we did all we could! Good luck ladies! Healthy babies to all!


Leanna - October 25

Yah, I'm always worried too.


Les - October 27

I guess it's normal to be scared.


Kimberley - October 27

I too worry a lot...because of my age (36) and due to a medication I have to be on, for medical reasons, even though they have a__sured me it does no harm to my growing baby, plus any meds I took before I found out I was pregnant....... My doctor says I worry toooo much, and to not stress out, as my ultrasound and bloodwork is all great.


sue - October 27

Hi Ladies no mater how much we all worrie about our babies.We have to try and remember that god is the one who is in control. Amber I know someone who was told they were going to have a baby,so yes it does hapeen.God bless you all.


mls - October 27

you wouldn't be a mom if you weren't worried. it's god's way of preparing you for all the worrying you'll do once they get here. this is my second, should be easier, but I think i'm more worried with this one than i was with my first.



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