Is Anyone NOT Tired Finally

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Kelli - November 20

I have this burning question--I asked it on another thread and got hardly any responses. Please ladies, tell me----when did you finally not feel like you want to bury your head in a pillow and never get up (if only you had a feeding tube and urine bag)!!! I am going to be 11 weeks in 2 days and I am still dragging and dragging. I sware I didn't feel this way with my first pregnancy. Is it because I have a 2 year old??? I am a work-at home mom--so I don't work, which I imagine really would contribute to severe fatigue. So when will I get my energy back???? Is there hope out there??? Can some woman with their energy please give me some comfort!!! I want to play and run with my daughter again instead of her wondering why I am a big sad lump.


Lisa - November 20

I felt really good from 12 weeks on...I was not tired like I was in my first trimester and I just started to feel great.


K - November 21

I was exhausted & sad (& ultra-moody) during the first trimester, and I don't have any children (except the one in my belly, of course) & have no job. And now at 18 weeks & ever since about week 12 or 13, I'm fine on my pre-pregnancy amount of sleep. I imagine your exhaustion will pa__s soon. Good luck!


Kelli - November 21

I am already 11 weeks---is it possible all this fatigue could just disappear in a week???


ry - November 21

most people say they feel better during the second trimester but to be honest with you i am still EXHAUSTED! i guess i should just get used to it.........


Trina - November 21

I felt good from 13 weeks are almost there!!! :)


Celine - November 21

I'm just 14 weeks and still feel just as exhausted! Still hopping that it will pa__s :)


mls - November 21

I was around 16 to 17 weeks when my energy returned. everyone is different. make sure to keep taking those prenatels becuase low blood iron can make you really tired. some women are tired all the way thru their pregnancies. just have to accept what the good lord deals ya, I guess.


AMY - November 21



Michelle - November 21

I started to feel better around the 12th week. Now I am 14 and I still get more energy everyday..Hang in there..


Karen - November 21

Energy returned at about 16 weeks - nausea still hung around for a bit but I didn't seem to need those afternoon naps anymore. But if I don't sleep - then I'm tired - now 20 weeks+


sparkles - November 21

Mine didn't start going away until around the 15th or 16th week. Hang in there! You'll probably start feeling it go away little by little pretty soon here.


g - November 22

I remember with my second pregnancy, there were some nights I went to bed before my 2 yr old. With pregnancy 3 and now this one I inst_tute nap time in the house and I take a nap instead of getting housework done.


Dana - November 22

I'm now 16 weeks and I still feel exausted all the time.


Kelli - November 22

WOW!!! I was really feeling some light at the end of my tunnel and now it is dark I have actually felt better the past two days---and what's funny---is that I have done more in the past two days than I had done these whole 11 weeks. Maybe when you take your mind off of it and get out and do something---you forget that you are about the pa__s out at every minute. I always want to go to bed before my 2 year old, but then I realize---the earlier to bed---THE EARLIER TO RISE!! and boy do I hate waking up at 6 a.m. half starved---(did I say HALF???LOL). anyway, i am hanging in there. This is actually my third pregnancy, but I lost the other at 14 weeks, so i kind of count this as my second. I just don't remember feeling so down and tired with my first pregnancy---maybe it is the glory of the first pregnancy that masks the truths. Now it is just like---okay, I'm pregnant--let's get this over with. I am just not one of those woman who enjoy pregnancy. As a matter of fact, I hate it. But is love what it brings--go figure. I will continue to hang in there--and thanks to all those who have input. Keep it up---i like to feel like in a few weeks I will be my old self again--but isn't it true we aren't ourselves again for another 18 or so years :)


sparkles - November 22

Kelli, hang in there! It will go away soon. I, also, noticed that my fatigue during my 1st trimester seemed to fluctuate with my hormones. The days that I would have some nausea/appet_te problems were the days when I was most tired. Make sure your taking your prenatals, as they contain iron that will help give you a little boost if anything. Hopefully, enough to keep you going until you reach the point of no fatigue! Good luck and I hope your feeling better soon!


me - November 23

I am on my 16th week and I finally get some bursts of energy where I feel a little like my old self. I still need more sleep than I used to, but i don't feel under the weather all the time.



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