Is Anyone Ready To Have Their Pregnancy Over

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1Sttimemomy - May 13

i am 24 weeks pregnant and am ready to have my baby ,my life back,my figure,and so wanting to feel like my self again i live in louisiana it is so hot i am living in a tiny bedroom at my moms with my boy friend we don't have room for anything for the baby and thats all thanks to hurricane katrina.i hate being pregnant .i feel horrible every day.i want to see my baby so bad.i don't like extra attention or people touching my stomach.sorry about complaining am i the only one that feels like this....


HannahBaby - May 13

i love being pregnant.......If there wasnt a beautiful baby at the end of the road i would want to be pregnant forever....


1Sttimemomy - May 13

well i wish i felt the same way but i don't i am happy for you wish i could feel the same way...


littlemama1022 - May 13

I agree with HannahBaby..I love being pregnant. When you finally do have your baby, you miss the movements and the feeling 'extra' close to your child. This is my second and just like she said, if it wasn't for a baby at the end, I would love to be pregnant forever!


MM - May 13

I hate it & I'm only at week 14!!


cindi - May 13

I love it. I am actually very sad that the months are going by so fast. I had my first baby almost 11 years ago and I think this will be my last so I am trying to savor it:)


ThePezChick - May 13

I just posted in another thread that I'm kind of sad it's going so quickly. This is my first and will most likely be my only child since I'm 38. I'm trying to savor every moment of it. I hope things get better 1Sttimemomy


Evonna - May 13

Yes, i can't wait until my baby is born because i am so tired carrying her now. I just want to hold her in my arms and kiss her to death, lol.


new mommy - May 14

17+3 weeks right now. Well I don't feel the baby yet so I don't have that to miss yet. All I have is ms and achy body. So I can't wait till it is over at this point. Makes me wonder why God didn't make the process a little faster.


AppleCake - May 14

With my last pregnancy I adored it. I couldn't understand how people could be so negative about the experience.....this time however I have had nothing but problems since day 1, I can totally understand. I am in constant pain, which I'm told will only get worse. My baby has health problems as well, which may be why I am so protective over my belly- I can't even stand people staring at it. I wasn't like this at all last time, so when they say each time is different I would totally stand by that!


SuzieQ - May 14

Wow! What a variety of answers :) I'm 20wks today and feel pretty good. I had two m/c's in the past so I"m enjoying every day I have with this baby. I miss being able to have comfortable s_x though! lol


HannahBaby - May 14

I miss alot of things too. I never got to have my 21st birthday drink because i was pregnant, i miss eating whatever i want, wearing my pre pregnancy clothes....but i have a entire life to do that. Right now i am totally devoted to growing my child and am enjoying every minute of it.


sara b - May 14

I understand both sides of the story. WIth my first pg I never had a symptom and only found out at 11 weeks. Unfortunately I lost that baby soon after. My second pg I had every symptom possible. I was miserably sick from 6 -36 weeks. My joints would pop in and out. My bb's were sore enough to make me want to cut them off. I had preterm labor three times starting at 27 weeks. From the time I had that first bout of labor I was READY to just be done with the whole thing. I ended up overdue but gave birth to a beautiful girl. Now I wish I could do it over at least once a day and I've even thought about being a surrogate just to enjoy another pg without the worries of parenthood. I wish you all the best.


Big mumma - May 14

Im ready to have my baby too!! Im 27 1/2 weeks now but its not because Im sick of sharing my body but because lots of my family members are about to pop or have just had babies and I get a little jealous sometimes. I feel silly saying this but I want to turn my oven up so that my bun will cook faster hahaha. Im so excited about having my baby in my arms but scared at the same time of the pain of labour.


Ddvinson3 - May 15

I'm not having a bad pregnancy! I love the feelings but I want my baby to be out already. We've already got him the cutest clothes and I can't wait to see him in them. I love being able to feel him move but I just want him to be here already. But I am also scared of labor as well. I don' t know why people feel the need to tell you all the horrible stories of their pregnancies. But I'm just anxious I guess. Yeah and I don't like the extra attention either I can't stand people touching my stomach but I'm only 21 weeks so I guess I better get used to it. Oh well he'll be here soon enough I guess. Stay strong everyone!


mandee25 - May 15

I am 13w 3d pregnant and everything is going great so far. In the first few months I was mildly nauseas 10 hours of the day but it was tolerable. Now the nausea is gone and I feel great! I feel different and it's a feeling you can't properly describe. My dh and I heard our baby's hb for the first time last Monday and it was amazing! I can't wait for the u/s!


Erynn21 - May 15

I am with the ladies who love being pregnant, I love knowing my baby is with me and I am the only one taking care of her. I have felt awesome, eventhough I do have some aches and pains I still feel great. I also feel really beautiful and feminine. I can understand if you're totally miserable, but I'm not so for me it's been great. I also adore all the attention I get from friends and neighbors, but I live in a little town with a very close community, so everyone is excited for us. I chersish everyday , one thing I am so sick of though is hearing you'll be so miserable this summer. AUGHHH if I hear that one more time I am going to freak out. I'm sorry to those of you who feel badly, and hopefully for you the days will go by quickly. For the ladies who are enjoying this experiance let's all cherish each and every day.



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