Is Birth Size Hereditary

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dee23 - March 14

hi all, i was 8 pound 6 and dh was a 9 pounder...will that affect the size of our bubs at birth? im only very small and quite scared of having a c section...but i guess my mum is small too and gave birth to me normally......any comments?


Olivene - March 15

Hi, Dee. I wonder this, too. There have been some very large babies in my family. I was almost 6 pounds when I was delivered a month and a half early. Same thing exactly with my brother. My mother is small so maybe her body knew what it was doing. I also wonder if the tendency to delivered prematurely is hereditary at all. Sorry I can't help, Dee, but I want to know, too!


Emily - March 15

I am not sure if there is any medical studies to back it up, I hacve found that mostly it is true. Although more tre to the mothers side than the fathers. My grandmother had big babies and all her kids had big babies and even my generation has had big babies except for a cousin who delivered quads at 28 weeks.....they wer so very tiny, but had a bigger combined wieght.....


Emily - March 15

also dee, here's a question. It is not how big you are ness, but how wide you hips are. the baby needs to be able to pa__s through your pelvic bone.....I wouldn't worry too much even if you do have to have a c-section. A lot of woman have them. My mom has done both and the thing she always said was so you want your pain before (v____ally) or after (c-section)? Good luck and try not oto worry too much now. the only thing you can do is wathc what you eat. Mother's wieght gain during preg can help to determine baby's birth weight. (although I lost wieght the whole time and had a 9 lbs 12 oz baby girl v____ally. Of course I do have wide hips....


LL - March 15

I'm not sure how much hereditary affects the size of the baby you will have. I know with my first one the doctors a__sumed that I was having a big baby, 9lbs 8oz., and I think they based this a lot on the fact that myself, my mom and my sister were all 9lb 8oz. baby's when we were born. I was told that my bones were too small to deliver that size of a baby. I was 9 days past my due date when they scheduled my c-section because I never went into labor. My girl only weighed 7lbs. 12oz. so the doctors were way off on predicting her size. They still told me I would have ended up needing a c-section. Anyways....I guess I'll be having a c-section with this baby as well. I was totally terrified with the first one and I wanted to have the baby v____ally but it actually wasn't that bad. It's the recovery afterwards that's the hardest, especially also caring for a baby at the same time. Try not to be scared about it, although I know that's easier said than done.


Nora1 - March 15

I was 9 lbs 10 oz and dh was 9 lbs 5 oz, and my doc said that he'll be expecting a big one.


DinaAW - March 16

I was 8.9 and dh was 9.1. So far our baby is measurinf big and I am expecting a 10 pounder too! I am really nervous about possibly having a c section but both of our moms did it naturally and they are smaller than me. There's hope!



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