Is Is Safe To Go Skiing Help

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claire - December 27

Hi, I'm 15 weeks along, and would love to pursue my passion for skiing, (very advanced) How safe is it for how much longer if at all, who knows? any advice?


Jodie - December 27

I feel your pain, skiing is a pa__sion for me, but doctors orders = no way!


Rhea - January 21

Absolutely Not! The last thing that you need is a nasty fall. I absolutely feel your pain though. Next month I am going skiing with my best friends while they are out enjoying the slopes I have opted to treat myself to some of the other luxuries the resort has to offer like a day at the spa and taking advantage of the all day buffet offered :)


Patience - January 21

Me Too!!!!!!!! My husband and I have traveled many places through the years to board.... however doc says no way, I am 12 weeks and just asked on Monday. I still go with my husband but instead, I go swimming at the resort and hit the buffett, hiking has been nice too. Good luck, and enjoy next winter!! :-)


Margaret - February 15

I am 20 weeks and in the middle of a wonderful week of skiing with my husband in aspen. I am very athletic and an intermediate skier and have had no problems, in fact have felt great. OF COURSE any dr. is going to tell you no way, but I am having a very healthy pregnancy and am trusting my own instincts as to how I feel. I am not very big yet and if I felt off balance I would not do it. if you are very advanced I would go. have fun and just be very careful - I am working in technique and just enjoying myself, not pushing new limits!


Christine - February 16

Of course any doc is going to tell you no way...Though you may be an excellent skier, you can still take a fall..with or without the "off balanceness" of being pregnant...I think it would be really unwise to go, not to mention can go skiing all you want next winter...good luck


Jen - February 17

My doctor said skiing is fine--he said that any fall that would hurt the baby would be one that would kill me. (He told me to stay away from the trees) I've been skiing all season (I'm 18 weeks now) and I'm just more cautious this year. I've also seen pregnant ski instructors!


Linsey - February 22

I was debating myself whether to ski next week and I'm 11 weeks. However I'm an advanced skier and can't remember the last time I fell. I have decided I will ski, but now that I am pregnant I will ski more cautiously and just cruise the blue and green runs! :O) I think if you are not an experienced skier you are better safe than sorry and should wait for next season.


Jamie - February 22

No way! To much stress in your body or even a simple fall could endanger your baby . Is it worth the risk?


Michele - March 3

I'm 14.5 weeks along and I've gone skiing. Any Dr will tell you No way! If you are a skilled skiier I would go as long as you are extra careful and feel comfortable doing so..Just watch out for other crazy skiiers who could possibly crash into you..I'm carrying twins and I have skiied several times this winter. Since I started to get much bigger in the last 2 weeks I'm now not skiing anymore. Don't want to take any chances. Do what your gut instincts tell you.. :-)



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