Is It A Bad Idea To Use Bug Spray

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shortcake - May 18

I'm planning on doing some yard work and planting my flowers and tomatoes this weekend in my garden...However I need to spray to keep bugs away from my plants. Do you think it's a bad idea for me to handle the bug sprays? Should I have hubby do it for me?


dee23 - May 19

id say let hubby do it just to be safe.....chemical wise, i would say the fumes would be unsafe for an unborn some paint fumes or bleach or what not....also always remember to wear gloves when gardening to minimize chances of contracting toxoplasmosis.


littlemama1022 - May 19

I think you should let your husband do it, but if you Have to do it then it should be alright since you will be in a well ventilated area(outside), just dont stay around it too long. I agree with dee23, wear gloves.


amyn - May 19

I agree let hubby do it but if he can't I would wear long sleeved shirt, and jeans and gloves then wear a mask so you don't inhale it. I had to do yard work when my hubby was gone and my doc told me to wear a mask and gloves when I was handling the fertalizer.


Susan W - May 19

Depends on what you are using. Check the labels. I handled various bug sprays while pregnant with baby #1 -- I have horses, and they have to be sprayed 2-3 times a day for flies -- and it was fine, but those are designed to go on a living animal. Wash up when you are done, and you should be fine. . .. PS, if you have cats, your chances of getting toxoplasmosis are small because you've probably already been exposed. I'm a vet, so I know this for sure.


dee23 - May 20

susan is right about only getting it once, but i thought i might just add that that doesnt mean u should go ahead and not wear gloves because a vet online told you it was ok...there is ALWAYS the chance (including other cats that enter your backyard to take a dump) unless u get yourself tested for its immunities and know for sure....always wear gloves.


Susan W - May 20

My point was mostly that people freak out when they are pregnant over the toxo thing, when it's not usually an issue. I had a client insist on putting her cats down because of it and wouldn't listen to sense :(( It was awful to see these healthy sweet cats die because of her ignorance. But there are so many misconceptions out there that I was trying to address that one. If you have cats, you have probably already been exposed. If you are concerned, be tested for antibodies. It's always a good idea to wear gloves when gardening, and not just because of toxo. I once was bitten by something while gardening and got really really sick :(( I couldn't find it, but it was probably some sort of spider. If I had been wearing gloves, I would have been protected. . . .Have fun gardening. I have 10 bags of mulch to spread myself . . .


SuzieQ - May 20

Wow, Ican't believe someone would put down their pet because of their fear of toxo. That's sad. Our garden has a lot of exposure to cats, so this year I just planted flowers, no veggies. I always wear gloves when gardening, not only because of bugs, but because I have a lot of herbs that might irritate my skin. Happy gardening!



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