Is It A Boy Or Girl

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Brittany - November 3

okay well i had an ultrasound two days ago and they told me im having a girl!i was so excited because thats what i wanted!but the picture really doesnt look like a girl to me.i was just wondering if anyone else got an ultra sound to find out what it is,and if so what did it look like?please help because i dont want to get all excited for nothing!because i have heard stories of people thinking there having one thing and then labor day comes and its something totally differnt.PLEASE HELPP


Emy - November 3

I am having a girl and they zoomed in on that area of her body. It looks like 3 white lines there (v____a). Do you have a good picture where you can look?


r - November 3

from what I have read and heard they can most often be wrong by telling you it's a girl when it is really a boy they usually are right when they say it;s a boy


Brittany - November 3

Yeah.i have a picture but to me it looks like little


To Brittany - November 3

Just curious, how far along are you when you found your baby's gender? Im 12 wks tomorrow and Im lookin forward to that day when we find out our baby's s_x. Thanks!


Brittany - November 3

I will be 19 weeks tommorow,so i was 18 weeks and 4 days whenever i found out,your supposed to wait untill your 20 weeks but my doctors nice!


Jennifer - November 3

They aren't supposed to tell you the s_x unless they can very clearly see the three white lines of girl parts, or the absense thereof. If you don't see it maybe ask your doc. to point it out to you.


To Brittany - November 3

I can't wait to go on my u/s to find out the s_x of our baby. :cheers: Im 12 wks tomorrow and I guess I have about 8 more wks to wait.....ready for christmas gift.....


Lia - November 3

I am having a girl and at my 20 week ultrasound, the tech pointed out two white lines and identified it as the labia. Hope you get your little girl, and good luck!


me - November 5

the "three lines" can also be a little baby b___t... it's happened before. I'd say if they said "boy" it probably is... just because it's difficult to mistake a p___s, but if they said "girl" I wouldn't bet my money on it.


k - November 5

I'm having a boy and they were able to tell at 12 weeks! At 20 weeks they confirmed it. Good luck!


kendall - November 5

i am now 25 weeks and i found out at 19 1/2 that im having a girl but there were only 2 lines right between her legs (clear b___t shot) so it may not even be 3 lines.congrats to all and good luck on your little you know if they will give you another u/s?


jb - November 6

There should be 2 or 3 little whites line if it is a girl. They are hard to see. I would have never seen them if the tech didnt point them out. Im still kinda unsure b/c I asked her and she said she was 75-80% certain it was a girl. The nursery is NOT neutral its totally girly and friends have been giving us tons of baby girl clothes. I will feel sorry for this little one if its a boy!! :o)


Brittany - November 7

Well i went to this 4D ultrasound place and they gave me an ultrasound and tons of pictures and she said its 100% girl!so im very happy!and i got to see it in 4D so i know its deffinitley a girl!


jb - November 7

Brittany, Did your regular ultrasound have the 3 white lines? I am just wondering. I am very worried that we are buying all this girl stuff and she will turn out to be a he!!! :o) Did the tech at your first ultrasound give you a percentage of how possible it is that it is a girl?


Brittany - November 7

Yes at the doctors she told me she was positive it was a girl,but i just didnt think it was because the picture didnt look like it,but thats because she never pointed anything out to me,but at the 4D place they explained what everything was to me,so now i know what im looking at!So if your unsure just bring the picture back with you to the doctor and ask them to point out what everything is,or see if they have a 2D or 4D ultrasound place around your house because they show you what everything is WAY better AND they put it on VHS or CD-rom!


Shannon - November 7

I am 12 weeks and I am going for my ultrasound on Friday. I know that they cant guarantee that they can tell me the s_x, but is it possible for them to maybe have an idea at 12 weeks and 3 days? Thats if he/she decides to show me... but is it possible?



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