Is It Me Or Does My Doctor Know What Hes Doing

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Angelina - June 16

I am about 22 weeks pregnant.According to my doctor and his ultrasound i should be 19 weeks right now.That would make my due date October 31,2005.That would be ok if it werent for the fact that it would make my conception date February 6,2005.I found out i was pregnant on February 10,2005.I tried to explain it to him but he says he knows what hes doing.Should i just find another doctor or try to explain my side again?


Melissa - June 16

They will change your approx due date around as you go. When you have an ultrasound, they adjust your due date to match the size of the baby. This is not always accurate, because they are comparing your baby to the AVERAGE baby that would be 7.5 lbs at birth. Maybe your baby is bigger or smaller than the average, and so the date they give you is off either way. My doctor says to not focus so much on a due date, but rather a date range. So mine is from Sept 25th to Oct 7th. Although officially my due date is Oct 7 th in his records. They adjusted it to the Sept 25 date after my last ultrasound, based on the way my baby measured (it was bigger that what the Oct 7 date would have made it) I would not worry at all. After all dues dates are just a guess, the baby is the one that makes the decision! Maybe your baby just went through a growth spurt...dozens of possible reasons why. Best of Luck!


bump - June 16



Jodie - June 16

Try not to get to hung up on your due date. Only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date. Your baby will come as soon as he/she is ready


Wanda - June 16

Your doctor knows what he is doing. Because he is basing your due date on an ultrasound, it isn't as easy to figure out as it would be if he went by your last period, and like Melissa said, then he has to compare the ultrasound to the average baby. I wouldn't worry about when your conception occured unless you have to, like if you had s_x with different men around the same time, and there is a question of paternity. Just go with a date range for a dute date, and you should be stress-free!


uuugghhhhhhhhhh! - June 16

what is this "bump" stuff....really, what does it have to do with anything. Am I missing some hilarious joke or something??


Audrea - June 16

when people put bump it takes the question to the top of the list. That way you know it is being looked at first thing.


Lynn - June 17

I read somewhere that using ultrasound to date a pregnancy was only accurate before 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks mark babies grow at different rates and the ultrasound is not very accurate. Either way though, when I was given my due date I was told to be prepared anywhere from 2 weeks before the date to 2 weeks after the date.


j. - June 17

I think that 3 weeks difference is too much to accept. I would definitely question that. There are several scenarios where it's really important to know how far along you really are. For example, if you go past your due date, it is important that your baby isn't kept in utero too long. What I mean is, a baby should be induced once it's overdue by around 7 days or so. If your doctor doesn't realize when you've got to 40 weeks and he ignores the overdue baby, your baby could be maturing too much, and that could cause real problems. Another reason it's important to know is, when you get to 37 weeks your baby could be induced if medically necessary, because strictly speaking it is 'full term'. But in your case now, they wouldn't do it, (even if it was medically necessary) because they would argue you are only 34 weeks! Even if the baby was the size of a 37 week old by then, they would not induce because size is not what counts, it's maturity. It's right that most babies are not born on their exact due dates, but 3 weeks difference is a different story. Doctors can't be sure that a woman's conception date is correct, but in your case you really do know. I would change doctors, because I would want them to look at my baby's progress from my dates, not just the way it looks on a screen. They need to know, that they are looking at a baby somewhat small for dates, rather than what appears like an average sized baby, with incorrect dates.That would concern me. I'm sure your baby is progressing fine but I think it's important they know when your baby has reached maturity. . I urge you to see somebody else.


same - June 19

The same thing happened to me twice now three different dates all a week apart has left me not knowing were im at . I have an appointment Tuesday il try getting it straight . I have been told the very first scan is almost always the most accurate, il get back to you and let you know what happened.


krysta - June 19

i didnt know i Should b so worried, my doctor gave me 10-10-05 the first visit and after my us she gave me 11-7-05 i havent gained any weight so maybe my baby is just tiny


Mary - June 19

We conceived on February 6 (Superbowl Sunday) . First positive test was on the 21, not earlier. I was so sure I was pregnant I started testing about 1 week after bedding. I hope that helps a__sure yourself that your dates are right and you should stick by them. Congratulations!


Misty - June 19

According to what my doctor explained to me they base your due date by arround when your LMP was. Does this add up for you? Was your LMP around Feb.6th? If so then I would say that yes your doctor is right. So many woman have such variations in exactly how far after their due dates they concieve that they just date it from the LMP so there will be a common factor when looking at all pregnancies. Women are actually only pregnant for an average of 38 weeks because the first two are right after your LMP before you actually concieve. I know it is silly and I don't know exactly why they do it that way. I asked my doctor that and she said she wasn't sure, that it was just how they did it. That might have been why your doctor gave the answer of just that he knew what he was doing. He might not have wanted to admit the fact that he probably didn't know why things were dated that way. i know I probably just confused you more. Sorry for that. my doc explained this to me because for me things are dated from the day I had my m/c. Which, of course, I couldn't have concieved on the same day that I m/c. I wanted to know why and that was what she told me.


Misty - June 19

I will say though that if he is so willing to just brush off what you say when you try to talk to him that I would get another doctor. You, or your insurance, are paying for his time and any question that you have he should be taking the time to answer. He should never ever ever brush off something you say by just relpying that he knows what he is doing. He sounds a bit like a jack-a__s to me. Just my opinion though.


Nikki - June 20

My doc explained to me that okay they do your due date off of gestional age which is actually 2 weeks behind your actually time of conception if that makes sense like say you are 16 weeks well you are really 14 weeks gestional age....I know I am not explaining it like he did but it is true you can look it up on different pregnancy websites for the actually explantion but I believe that is kind of how he explained it.....not that you are 2 weeks behind but that is the gestional age.....anyway I think that is what it is called sorry....but ask your doc next time you are in there the difference in gestional age...that could be what he/she is talking about...



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