Is It Normal Or Should I Call The Doctor

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Worried-momtobe - October 7

I'm 13 weeks and yesterday while I was working out felt kind of a shooting pain on my left side, it stopped when I switch to another position. Then at night when I was sleeping I had it again, is not a cramp, is more like a stabbing pain on the left side, is not very strong and didn't last too long, is this normal?? Should I been concerned?. Please I need some advice, I had two miscarriages before and am very worried.


Karen - October 7

If you really are concerned and based on your history, call your doctor. There is nothing to lose. You didn't say where on left side, but if down in the groin area, it could be a ligament. If in the stomach area, it could be an organ. Are you hydrated?


Worried momtobe - October 7

Thanks Karen. The pain was under my belly b___ton in the growing area, I think it could be a ligament. I think I'm hydrated because I drink tons of water during the day.


K - October 7

I'm 18 weeks and I got that horrible quick shooting pain a lot around 12-15 weeks. I still get it now and then. It freaked me out at first (I had 1 m/c). It is most likely just your ligaments stretching and normal. My friend who is pregnant has gotten them a few times too. If you are really concerned call your doctor to be safe, but I would bet it is nothing just like mine were.


Worried-momtobe - October 7

I already called the doctor, but as usual, they made me leave a message with the nurse and sometimes they don't return the call for hours!! Please if some one else have experience this share your experience, I'm still worried...


L - October 7



chrissy - October 7

I have these pains your talking about very often I also thought somthing could be wrong but reading these notes makes me feel better just knowing others have the same types of pains I do lol,,good luck everyone


Kelly - October 7

Hi, I had the same pains the other morning when I woke up. They were in my side too. I have read that as long as your aren't cramping and in the pain isn't in the middle you shouldn't have anything to worry about. But I haven' had the pain since, so I'm guessing mine was a ligament. After being up a couple of hours, it felt normal again. I think my muscle may have gotten tight while sleeping cause I sleep like a rock lately! Good luck to you!


Ashlie - October 7

I tend to get those pains too. MY doctor told me that they are normal, and that all that's happening is my body streching inside and out.


Worried momtobe - October 7

Finally, my doctor called, it seems to be that are the ligaments in the abdomen, she said not to do the workout I was doing when I first felt the pain, and also that is normal that the ligaments are tender and they tend to hurt sometimes. She said sometimes you can get the pain when you try to rise from bed, she suggested trying to support yourself so you don't put all the prea__sure on your abdomen. THanks for all the responses I feel much better!!!



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