Is It Normal To Be Called By Dr To Come In For U S Results

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Cher - June 21

I had my 20 wk u/s yesterday. I received a call from my Dr's office today telling me to come in tomorrow to discuss the results with my doctor! This is a new doctor that I just started seeing a few mths ago. I have 3 other children and have never been called to come in to discuss u/s results before with any of them!! Of course I am now worried thinking there is something wrong with the baby. Is this normal for Dr's to call you to come in and go over the results???? My docotor is female and I am thinking maybe they discuss more with their patients than male ones.....Please someone respond because I am worried sick. Thanks:)


erica - June 21

Some doctors do that. My doctor is a female and she always calls me after blood work or any test so that I she can explain the results to me. So I won't be worried. Is this your first ultrasound?


kimj - June 21

My doctors and midwife only call me if there is something abnormal.... I would try not to worry though. All doctors are different. maybe you should call her and tell her you are really worried. She may tell you what is going on so you can rest your mind.. gL


Noams - June 21

That is a hard one, I can understand why you may be worried. I worry over any thing that is out of the norm. I have not been asked to see my doctor afterwards, but he did sit down and go over the results with me when I went on my next visit. Perhaps your doctor wants to do the same or send you for further checks, it is beter to know than not know if something may be wrong, often the problem if there is one can be resovled/controled. I hope all goes well for you. xxx


Cher - June 21

This is my 1st u/s for this pregnancy. You see....I got pregnant while on the pill and unknowingly was taking it while pregnant for a mth so because of that I had asked if I could have an u/s early to make sure there were no problems but he told me (my dr at the time) I could only have one at 20 wks (by the way - I live in Canada) so I switched Dr's...and when I got in with the new one she tried to get me in for the 14 wk one but they (at the u/s clinic) said that it was too late for me to have that one because I was already 14 wks. So I went to my 20 wk one yesterday and thought everything was fine, although the technicians can't tell you anything really....but that is why I am really, really concerned because I pray that there are no problems with this baby, as I know that I was on the pill. Thanks for your responses so far:)


kimj - June 21

The baby should be ok..... I would call you doctor and express your concerns. Were you able to see if it was a girl or boy?


Cher - June 22

Yep - she said she thinks it's a girl:) We were hoping for a boy but of course will love either - just praying for a healthy baby, you know. I go to the Dr here in an hour so I'll update what the outcome is. I have been trying to be positive and not worrying myself for mine and the baby's well being:) Thanks for your support!!!


Misty - June 22

I hope everything is OK!! I'm worried for you! I'll be praying everything is perfect for you & your baby girl!!! Let us know how it goes.


erica - June 22

Dear, Cher. I will be praying that everything turns out fine for you and your little angel. Keep us posted.


kimj - June 22

Cher..... Have you heard anything yet??? Hope all is well....


Cher - June 23

Hi guys, well it was "something".....apparently there is a cyst in the baby's brain? I am not sure what this means as my Dr seemed to know nothing! I have to go see my ob/gyn on Monday to find out more. I guess the u/s report said this could be nothing but they want to monitor it. I had to get a triple screen test (my Dr is worrying me non stop about a downs syndrome baby) I just turned 30 and I really don't know what to think - I mean I am having the baby regardless!! Please continue to pray for me and baby..._I really want a healthy baby above all:) I am going to make another post to see if anyone can give me information or stories about anyone else being told their baby has a cyst in the brain at an u/s. Thanks to you all - I love the support and info that I get off this site:)


Kristin - June 23

Cher, post this in the third trimester forum, their have been a few women that were told the same thing but the babies were fine, i think it goes away!


Melissa - June 25

Don't be worried, it just seems as though you have a very good doctor who wants to check up on you. I was seeing an asian doctor who was i went to a new doctor around 2 months ago. he is really good and also phoned me after my ultrasound so he could discuss the results with me. Everything was ok.


Kimberlee - June 25

Your doc just sounds like a doc. They like to explain your ultrasounds to you so you know whats going on. Your 20wk ultrasound is important because they check the brain, possitions of the organs, the spine, and your uterus, etc. There are a lot bases to cover. Don't be to concerned. If it was that deteramental, they would tell then, I would hope. The last thing they want to do is make a prego woman stress. It's not good for you or your baby. Good luck and I'll say a prayer that nothing is wrong. Don't worry.


Silvie - June 27

Hi Cher, I am praying for U and your baby and I wanna encourage you too! My friend,who just recently gave birth to a beatiful baby boy had the same problem. At 20 weeks u/s she was told there were cysts. Doctors made her have multiple u/s(ultrasounds) every week until the end of pregnancy b/c they still could see those cysts and were scarying her a bit. When the baby was born she had to go for CT scan and ultrasound again ...turned out everything eventually was Ok ! It must have been a drama for her to go through all this while the baby was completely normal. I am sure your baby will be fine too.


Cher - June 27

UPDATE: I went to see my specialist and he says after getting my triple screen results that everything is normal and the cyst (being a tiny 3mm) will go away by 28 wks gestation and there is nothing to worry about! No other markers to determine any abnormalities. So I am at ease and now can eat again and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and the summer:) Thx for your support everyone!!



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