Is It Okay To Sit In The Sun While Pregnant

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Guest - June 5

Hello, I am just wondering if we are allowed to sit in the sun with sun protection while pregnant (I am 16 weeks)..or what if I cover my abdomen would that be alright?. I would love to get a little colour for some upcoming events. Thanks


Aimes - June 5

I believe it is. If not, why would they make maternity bathing suits :) I just wouldn't spend hours out there, and make sure you stay hydrated


JESS1980 - June 5

I have been sunbathing a lot! Just keep really hydrated and use sunblock.


Kim L - June 5

I sunbathe, but use discretion. I reapply sunscreen often (you can still get a tan!) and move to the shade when I feel too hot. Drink lots and lots of water like the other gals said. You'll look lovely! ;-)


Guest - June 5

Thankyou Girls!..I think I may sit out for an hour..and I will remain is a lovely day with low humidity..just perfect tanning weather...Thanks Again!


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

i guess just dont let your body temperature get too high i've read, other than that it's OK just make sure to always use sunblock, because skin cancer is very real, and very scary!!!


mcatherine - June 5

Just be careful.. I tan every year, but sat outside last week for only 1/2 hour and burned pretty badly. Pregnancy can affect they way your body reacts to the sun, too. I have started to use Jergen's Natural Glow. It is the only sunless tanner that didn't streak and I actually got a compliment on my tan last night!


Kara H. - June 5

They actually did a study in England about sun exposure during third trimester. Women who recieved moderate sum exposure (i think it was 10 mins 3 times a week) had children that had stronger bones than women who did not have any sun exposure. The women who got some natural sun had higher levels of Vitamin D and so did their babies!


Erynn21 - June 5

I am on the just be careful tip, I sat out like I normally would and burnt my belly because of how it faces the sun. I also have noticed that my skin is just more sensitive to burning so before I go out I put on sunscreeen, I normally don't ever burn. I do have some nice color now, I just am more careful.


lexa - June 6

You'll be fine. Just remember to keep applying sunscreen when needed and drink plenty of fluids. Make sure you eat as needed too (so you avoid getting sick and pa__sing out). I usually burn in the sun in the beginning, so this year I upped the sunscreen level. It'll be okay, and just think how cute everyone would look in a tan:-)


ahemann99 - June 6

Another thing....I believe if you have your belly exposed to the may be more suseptable to getting stretch marks...because the sun tightens your skin a bit which could cause extra stretching. i think it is okay otherwise, but be sure to stay really hydrated! Good luck!


AmyF - June 6

Everyone at work here is telling me not to purposefully go sun tanning b/c your skin is SO much more sensitive you burn easier. Also- odd thing- when I was in the ER last week, the Doctor was debating on doing an X-ray and mentioned it's the same as being in the sun for 30 minutes. So think of - if you're in the sun for 30 you have that same amount of radiation hitting your belly. Just a thought (although I was shocked that he said that! I wouldn't have known that otherwise)


mandie - June 6

Just another note. Sunscreen is good, we all know that. Just make sure it is DEET free. I guess that stuff is bad!


squished - June 7

I lay out a couple of times a week and all my dr. said was to wear sunscreen and make sure that I don't get too hot and keep hydrated. I have noticed that I get burned more easily now though. I thinks its relaxing to lay out and enjoy the warmth of the sun.


Taffy - June 7

I was warned that pregnant women have more of a tendency to burn due to the hormaone changes. So long as you don't burn badly and stay hydrated you should be ok. Normally I don't burn but now I'm wearing SPF 30 and still tanning. If you do burn keep an eye on your temperature and make sure you don't over heat. Also, if you are worried about exposing your bump too much maybe a one piece suit rather than a bikini would be a compromise? Kara, I also read the report about vitamin D levels so I guess some sunlight is essential.


krc - June 7

the sun shouldn't be an issue. What about indigenious peoples.....they live completely outdoors !!! The sun is perfectly normal and good for you pregnant or not. I go to the beach twice a week and usually stay for 2-4 hours each time. I am one tan preggo mama !!!!! But I personally wouldn't hang out in the sun unless there was water of some form for me to go swimming in. Plus you get Vitamin D from the sun. ( i think it's D ) . Do whatever you feel up to doing.


San_dee - June 7

I wish i could lie out in the sun :( its the middle of winter where i am



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