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evae777 - September 21

is it possible to be very little and have a huge baby?? i am very very pet_te and i am thinking that there is a chance this baby may be more than a 5 pounder. he was measuring large from the start and last ultrasound his measurements have slowed down so he is now measuring more average based on xxx amount of weeks. i started at 98 lbs. and now i am 110 lbs and i am only 23-24 weeks. so i have gained 12 lbs all in my stomach. any guesses on whether or not this will be a 9 pounder?? and do you think i am doing well with my weight??


Tory1980 - September 21

Not sure about weight as here (Northern Ireland) they only check your weight the once at Booking unless you go into hospital and then they check again to give the right doseage of medication. It sounds about right for me weight wise. Don't forget you also have an increased bood level, amniotic fluid, placenta, increased b___st tissue and a baby in there. I am 5"1/5"2 with size 4 feet (tey use that often to go by pelvis size) and I have had a 5lb3oz baby (born at 34weeks), a 7lb8.5oz at term baby and a 7lb baby born at 37weeks. I have had no problems delivering any of them. I also know a woman who is just under five feet tall deliver babies with no problems and they all anged between 9lb and 13lb!!! The average for baby girls is 7lb and for boys 7lb8oz. I would be surprised if he gets to 9lb and babies grow at different rates so don't worry too much over hoe he is measuring just yet. You may find the next u/s shows he is measuring small.


corbin289 - September 21

I cant really quess how big your baby will be but I can tell you it is possible. I was a size 2 and about 110lbs and 5'4 and my first was 9lbs, my second was 9 1/2lbs. I think your weight sounds fine. The weight you gain doesnt always tell you how big the baby will be either. I gained less weight with my 2nd, bigger baby.


Astra - September 21

I know how you feel. I am a pet_te woman myself and my husband while not huge has a pretty wide frame with wide shoulders and a big head and every time I look at him and think I might be having a boy it scares me a little...


corbin289 - September 21

LOL my husband is a big guy also but he was only 5lbs a birth so I thought I was all set for a small babies but not the case with me.


kristyn1028 - September 21

My friend was about 95 lbs when she got pregnant...She only gained about 30 lbs throughout, but her baby was born on her due date and came out to be 8 lbs and like 13 its possible!


Astra - September 21

I should talk to my MIL to find out how big my husband was when he was born. Hopefully he was a small baby who grew up to be a big man too LOL.


sarah21 - September 21

I'm just counting on a huge baby. But no one in my family has ever had a c-section, so I should be alright. My husband and his brother were both almost 9 pounds. I was 9.5 pounds, my brother was 8.5 (he was induced early), and my mom and my 4 uncles were all over 9 pounds, so I feel pretty doomed.



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