Is It Possible 4 Lbs In 5 Days HELP

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Michelle - March 9

Ok, honestly, i don't know, if this could possibly be true! i have tried to ban myself from the scale, after hitting the +10 lb mark, but i got a moment of weakness last week, and checked. it had gone up, of course, and now 5 days later, the scale is telling me i have gained 4 pounds, in the last 5 days! i was sooo sure i didn't go up a hair the good way i have been eating, that is the only reason, i stepped on this death trap, lol, and now iam sorry i did. now is this humanly possible, unless you are pigging out like crazy, or could this scale be busted! (which iam hoping). noone else uses it, and now iam really afraid to know if it is definately me and not the scale, like iam wishing. the weird thing is, i used to eat anything, and never care, like i care now, and could not gain an ounce when i tried. (that was not as a teenager, iam talking only months ago!). i could have wine each night, which is total empty calories, donughts, pizza, everything, and anything, and now, i gain pounds just looking at the stuff?? i don't get it. here is a typical food day for me: a bowl of low fat bran for breakfast, a tuna sandwich for lunch, a sensible dinner, and occassionally a piece of fruit as a snack, when i even have a snack. once a week, i may have something alittle fattening for desert, if we go out for dinner, that week, which hasn't been for 2 weeks now. i read that pregnant women eat 3 meals, and multiple snacks throughout the day, and i don't even do that, and of course i don't drink wine, so where the heck is the weight coming from? my baby is 5oz! i don't even drink regular milk or juices, i drink 0 calorie diet gingerale, 10 calorie fitness water, decaff tea, and fat free milk, so there are no calories coming in there. iam starting to think there is something physically wrong with me here! how can i gain so much so fast, with no apparent reason! i know i am expected to maybe gain a pound a week now, but if i gain 4 a week, i'd be 300 pounds by delivery. any help or advice is greatly apprecited! iam not even half way through pregnancy, and all i read is people who are 15-20 weeks pregnant who haven't gained anything or gained 2-5 pounds, and it's scaring the c__p out of me, pardon my language! i rarely vent, so this feels really good. i appreciate you listening. i have gotto get that scale out of here for good! it's posion!!


PP - March 9

First the time of day is very important. For example this morning I had only gained 3 lbs. during my pregnancy but by tonight I will be up another 5. It will come from water retention and bowel movements. I also poo in the morning then weigh myself, I also drink about 80 oz. of water a day. I retain a lot through the day and by morning it is gone. If you are worried weigh yourself in the AM and see. Also how far along are you? The baby may have had a growth spurt. I am 21-22 weeks and I was pleasantly plump to begin with so I an watching very close. Your weight gain sounds normal for the second trimester.


ekay - March 9

I agree with PP. I am sure you haven't really gained that much's probably water weight.


Michelle - March 9

iam 2 days shy of 18 wks. i started out underweight for my height, but at this rate, i'll be 300 lbs by delivery, lol. however, maybe your right about the scale thing. i'll check it in the morning. i have been constipated to, so who knows whats lurking around in there. thanks!!



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