Is It Really A Girl

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brooke - October 4

I'm 17 weeks and I just had my gender ultrasound done, the doc said it's a girl because she has three little bones in a line where her pelvis is. but I have never heard that before. has anyone heard anything like this?


Dez - October 13

I got two pictures on my ultrasound, the first was the three little lines, and then my other one looked like a little hamburger, thats how they told me it was a girl.


mir - October 17

where was it that they told you the gender of a child. i want to know if my babay is a girl or a boy, but no hospital would tell me.i live in london


brooke - October 18

I went to my obgyn and they told me. Why wont they tell you?


Christina - October 21

My best friend is due in Feb. and they told her it was a girl by the 3 little lines in her ultrasound


Sonja - October 24

There called the lines their railroad tracks. I thought that it was kind of weird too. My sister came with me to my ultrasound and she found them. It was kind of cool to have your sister tell you what the s_x is.


Sonja - October 24

Sorry They call those three lines railroad tracks


shan - November 3

At 20th week the doctor told me its a girl because she saw the three lines. Now at 22nd week the doctor confirm its a boy!


michelle - November 4

I had my ultra sound at 17 weeks and that is how they described it to me and also there is a W shape where the p___s would be, I also asked for a couple more pictures of the area just to be sure it was a girl


brooke - November 4

Oh no, if they change it to being a boy I will die, I have already bought so much girl stuff! lol I have my 22 week visit on monday so I guess I'll find out.


Michelle - November 5

Just make sure you tell the doctor you definitely want to know the s_x they should have no problem with that also remember that babies can be stubborn it took two ultra sounds to find out I was having a boy the first time because we could not get his legs to move so that we could see.


sarah - November 7

no I have never heard that before. You should try one more ultrasound.


Traci - November 10

Hi Brook I think it really depends on how far along you are & what position the baby is in when you have your ultrasound. I have three children. I had all three ultrasounds done at 18-20 weeks pregnant. The Doctor's were right every time. Also, here's a little second baby was a boy.You could tell because it looked like he had a little turtle between his legs! sister has four boys. The first 3 pregancies,her Dr. told her she was having a girl (had ultrasounds at 16 weeks,22 weeks & 23 weeks)all three turned out to be boys!! The 4th pregnancy, she had her ultrasound at 20 weeks & they said it was a boy...and it was! Good luck & congratulations.


Jess - November 13

I had my ultrasound at 16 weeks, high resolution, and they said girl because of 3 lines and another picture that looks like a hamburger. I can't really tell because when I look at the pictures I can see how it could be a girl or a boy!! The tech told me 90 percent for sure, and said she's been a tech for 8 years and only been wrong 3 times.



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