Is It Safe To Paint

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kjones - June 17

I am 23 weeks and would like to paint the babys room. Please respond. Thanks


BriannasMummy - June 17

Usually on your can of paint it says whether or not it would affect your baby. Mine for instance says that the state of california has issued a health warning stating that it is known to cause birth defects (but only California). I have decided not to paint just in case California government knows something noone else knows, all I can say is read the can of paint that you purchase, some may be better then some.


olivia - June 17

For my first I was really careful and didn't paint. WIth this pregnancy I have painted and worn a latex vapor mask. There are no proven studies either way and the paint content varies a lot by by companies. If you are going to paint, get latex, or the non toxic paints they sell places. If you do latex they sell latex masks at most paint places (or home depot). It will say on it that is is particularly made for latex paint vapors and is slightly black with charcoal. Be careful if you are climbing a ladder if you tend to get dizzy, maybe have someone else do those parts. Also keep your windows and doors open for air if you decide to do it.


alwaysamber - June 17

Lots of women paint. I wouldn't worry about it as I have also asked the doctor. Make sure where you are painting is very well ventilated. I wore a pretty heavy duty mask as will be fine and so will the baby.:)


sophandbob - June 18

I really don't know about the while pregnant, but ewven when you're not the room should be well ventalated. The mask idea is good. I have read that the room should be painted 3 months before the baby is due so all the fumes have gone by their arrival. However we are using special paint that has lower fumes, plus baby won't be in nursery til its 3 months at the VERY earliest anyway.


Taffy - June 19

Water based paints are preferable due to the low solvents. And don't forget to keep the room well ventilated.


mandee25 - June 26

What about using primer paint and celing paint if there are no warnings on them? I bought mine from walmart to prep the nursery before painting a color.


olivia - June 26

Make sure it is a water based primer and treat it the same as the lates paint. I would stay away from oil based primer during pregnancy. Even the water based primer is more smelly than the latex paint, but the latex mask will still filter the fumes the same. Ceiling paint is the same as the latex paint if it is water based. Get an extension rollar so you don' t have to be on a ladder to paint the ceiling. Just because you might get dizzy up there. Keep your windows and doors OPEN!


ThePezChick - June 27

I just called my doctor about this yesterday. I was told that if I "HAVE TO" paint to open all of the windows, turn on a fan, not to stay in the room for very long, and to avoid being in it for a day after it's painted. After saying all this he followed up by saying, "However, if you can get someone else to do it we strongly advise you against it." My husband and I decided I would not paint because we didn't want to take any chances and, since our OB rocks, felt we should do what he advised.


NVgirl - June 28

kjones --- my MIL went into labor (8-weeks early) with my BIL right after painting and she also said her mother delivered my MIL early for the same reason. So I'd be careful.


Kristin72 - June 28

I'd ask your man to can provide the snacks and back rubs when he takes breaks ;)



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