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jessicadru - May 13

Ok my husband is out of town from today until next sat. night. I have a doctors appt. on the 23 of may. At my last doc appt I asked him if we would be able to find out the s_x on the 23rd. He said "well lets wait 6 weeks." I just started week 18 today. I would love to go at the end of the week and find out the s_x and then surprise my husband when he gets back by decorating and doing some other stuff. The doc wants to wait until week 21 but do you think friday(18 1/2 weeks) would be too soon? I just wonder if i should even ask? Good idea or not?


littlemama1022 - May 13

With both of my children, they told me at around 16 weeks what they were. I think it was a little later, maybe 18 weeks with my first- a girl and it was exactly 16.6 weeks with this child, another girl. They were right, I did get rea__surance with my 20 week scan though, so I'm not sure what would be the best.


ThePezChick - May 13

I found out at 17 weeks that we're having a boy. I'm glad my husband was there with me though. If I had been alone I think I would have waited so we could find out together. Just my personal feeling however.


HannahBaby - May 13

I dont think that its too soon to find out, but i would wait for your husband, thought a suprise is nice, celebrating together is nice as well!! good luck


Native Girl - May 13

Hi Jessicadru. My husband and I found out together. The reason being is that we could share that very special moment together. We had a plan to find out the s_x, but not have the dr. tell us and put the s_x of the baby in an envelope. We were then going to go to a romantic dinner and reveal it together so that the celebration was between he and I and not he and I and the dr. HOWEVER, my husband threw that idea out the window and had to know then. Since this is our first child, he got a little excited. I am glad that we found out together so that we would remember that moment forever.


emilymalm - May 14

I'll be finding out the s_x on Monday when I'll be 18w 1d so I don't think it's too soon at all. I've heard that between 18-20 weeks is the best time since the genitals are developed enough and the baby isn't too big yet.


sara b - May 14

You also need a cooperative baby!!!! I KNEW my DD was a girl but she wouldn't cooperate until the very last u/s scan. Thank God she gave me just enough time to put together a girly nursery and wardrobe. To tell her dad (we aren't together so he wasn't there) I wrapped a pink teddy in blue paper. It was neat to watch him get excited about the blue and then take a few minutes to get all excited about the pink!!! LOL. I wish you luck with whatever you decide and whatever you are blessed with.


jessicadru - May 15

Thank you for all responding. I think i am going to wait until he gets back!!!


scarlett - May 15

It's not too soon at all. I just had my scan last week(at 16 weeks) and we could see clearly that it's a boy. By this time the s_x is of course determined, but if your baby refuses to let you see early(lol) then you have to wait a while more. Lets just say that at 16 weeks it's possible to see the s_x, and during the detailed scan at 20 weeks, they will normally just confirm everything and give you rea__surance. Gd luck!


yourtrish - May 18

We tried earlier, but it was impossible to tell until week 20. She kept crossing her legs and turning into awkward positions...I guess our little girl is a modest one!



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