Is It Wrong Of Me

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kolleen_caudillo - February 26

my husband has three kids from his first wife. this is my second. is it wrong of me to think he isnt as excited as i wish he was. its not new to him. i it hurts my feelings that he doesnt get as excited as i do


disko love - February 26

hey there sweetie... i know what you are feeling. my dh and i have a total of 3 children with number 4 on the way. 2 of the children are from my first marriage and we have one child together. i was thinking the same thing... i found myself asking 'why is he not as excited as i am?' or 'maybe he doesn't want this as much as i?'.... needless to say..... i was wrong. he was and is equally excited but also he gets stressed out thinking about money and what not... it is so typical though. from my experiences i have found that men tend to not show their true feelings as much as we do and what might be perceived as 'not as excited' is not necessarily true. i wouldn't worry too much about it and know in your heart that it is just like a man to act like that!! lol good luck sweetie.


kolleen_caudillo - February 26

yeah thats true. he doent show alot of emotion. ive been told that when she comes he will get more excited too. im just empotional with the hormones and i sometimes think like you. maybe this isnt what he wants. but then i remember that he was the one that wanted to get pregnant right away. i wanted to wait a year, but now im glad we didnt. its been so long since ive been pregnant and i dont remeber a lot of things. last time i was alone. i didnt have the father to be with me. so now im going thru this and excpecting it to be the same but different. my husband works weird hours. so when i go into labor i fear he wont make it in time to get me. its just the hormones that r getting to me. i know that. but its one of those days where i feel like crying all day long. lol. gotta love them hormones


cors1wfe - February 26

Ladies - even with our first my dh wasn't anywhere near as excited as I was - I don't think it's in their make-up. He is excited to be having a little girl and he likes talking to my belly and touching my belly and feeling her move but he is spent when it comes to talking about it 24/7 - He's like babe - she is coming in July - we have named her - we are going to be getting the nursery stuff soon and that's all you - I love you I love our baby I dont' want to talk it to death!! AT least he's honest and I am pregnant with a girl at work and we talk ourselves silly so he can get a break from planet baby when I am home - not even my boys are that into it youngest has no desire to feel the baby move..LOL I guess men are just wired differently than we are plus I think men get overwhelmed with more responsibility.


kolleen_caudillo - February 26

we have started buying little things like onesies. we got this one from target that says daddy's little sweet pea. then he got me one that says i love mommy. so i guess im just hormonal. and he is just as he should be


ShoppingForTwo - February 26

Hey Kolleen. I'm sure your hubbie is so very excited. Men don't always know how to show emotion, big surprise in that hehe. That's half of him in you, I'm sure he is doing back flips on the inside. I know my hubbie is excited, he just doesn't talk about it all day everyday like I do hehehe. One night in bed last week he shocked me actually said, "I'm really excited about this baby even if I don't show it all the time" and I was like WOW, I thought he showed it lol.


fefer1 - February 26

yeah, I'm sure he's excited. I think we (women) get more excited since well, we're the ones carrying the baby. Men don't always express it the same either and some don't until the baby is born. Sounds like he's doing fine though. :)


Cat24 - February 27

hi kolleen. i dont think you have anything to worry about. like the other ladies said, men are different in the way they act to us, they don't even talk half as much as the average woman in a day! so they certainly don't do tons of baby talk! i think with a first baby it is always probably that little bit more exciting, but only a little bit. its all new and exciting, things you have never experienced before that you get to share together. and its true men worry about money more, whereas women know that they will cope however the means, men just worry about everything instead!! he will be just as happy on the day when he sees his little girl/boy born!!


disko love - February 27

i just have to add my two cents to what Cat24 said...... 'i think with a first baby it is always probably that little bit more exciting, but only a little bit.' You couldn't be farther from the truth.... have you experienced this? or is this your first baby? here you go again with opinions on things that you have never experienced. i am pregnant with my fourth baby and it is the same level of excitement as when we had our first baby. why would you even say something like that to a women who is obviously dealing with an ex-wife and hormones from this pregnancy? i think that your comment was a little rude and especially if you have never been in a situation where there are ex's and step children involved.


kolleen_caudillo - February 27

well to answer the question, this is my second child. my son lives with my mom. my husbands kids dont come over alot. but it is a little stressful. they dont rally care for me and now they are wondering why thir dad is having a kid with someone else. even though their mom has two more kids by another man. its ok for her to move on but not my hubby. since i have posted this i have shared with my husband my feelings. it is reasuring to know that other women are there too. and my husband has shared with me that he is very excited. this is his fourth but its his first with me. so its all new to him. he will get more excited once he feels her move and once she is born


sa__symama3 - February 27

Disko - I didn't find Cat's comment offensive or rude at all I think you have a quarrel with her that doesn't involve this thread - don't start anything and there won't be anything - I think a lot of the ladies here haven't jumped on the Cat is a witch bandwagon LET IT GO. Opinions don't necessarily have to be based on experience.


disko love - February 27

ok sa__symama3..... and your comment had absolutely nothing to do with this thread at all..... take your own advice.


cors1wfe - February 27

I had an appointment today and my dh was asking me when I got home (he doesn't go to them all) he said when is the next ultrasound already I wanna see my baby again - I thought that was sweet - so the thing is men are visual they want to SEE it was too cute.


kolleen_caudillo - February 27

another stupid question>>> what does dh stand for??? like i said yesterday im new to this writing in a forum thing. lol!!!! so cors1wfe what are you having? ur due july 5 th right?


Jezebel - February 28

dear or darling husband


Jezebel - February 28

LOLL well it fits!


kolleen_caudillo - February 28

cors1wfe - oh cool that ur due two before me. my i saw my dr today and he is taking about inducing me a little early. i have major complications with my kidney shutting down durning the pregnancy so instead of putting the stent in me he says that he will just induce me if im too miserable. so i may go early. im not gonna complain about that!!



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