Is My Baby Quot GIRL Quot Crossing Her LEGS

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Rissa - May 22

I just went for an U/S on Friday and the Dr. said we should be able to see the s_x of the baby (I'm almost 17 weeks)...but when I saw the baby on the US it was OBVIOUS her/his legs were crossed! Baby was sitting up with legs crossed as if Indian style but with knees pointing up...which was completely blocking the s_x organs. Everyone keps saying it's a girl (still) because the boys parts would still be SOMEWHAT visible- any advice or stories on this situation?? I really want to KNOW if it's a boy or girl because from DAY one I've said it "felt like a girl" so I don't want my motherly instincts being "wrong" :)


trish - May 22

This little guy had his legs crossed and wouldn't show us anything at our 20 week ultrasound. everyone said oh its got to be a girl. well he isn't and we finally found out week 26.


Kimberly - May 22

Rissa The same thing happen to me she/he wouldn't uncross those legs for nothing at 20 weeks. they are doing another at 26 weeks.


K - May 23

Something with my u/s last week. Tech was saying that he is not letting me see the s_x organs and she was joking to me like I am having a boy but she doesn't want to tell me because she was not sure... What should I think should I think that I am having a boy or girl? I want to do anything U/S. Will my insurance pay for this because I hear that they don't pay.


Julie - May 23

This happened to a friend of mine so she a__sumed girl but it was a boy.


Rissa - May 23

Thanks girls for all the ancedotes :) I'm hoping for a girl but I'll love a BOY exactly the same way! I just really am excited to KNOW!!! I will def. be asking for another ultrasound late down the road so I can see what it is for sure :)


Anna - May 23

Too bad, you have to wait. All of my babies have been "modest" at that first ultrasound. I haven't known until about week 30 with all three.


*** - May 24

I have had 4 girls & with ALL of them they had their legs crossed on the 1st ultrasound. Good Luck! I LOVE having all girls!



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