Is My Baby Safe

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denise01 - March 6

Hi, my I just found out that I am or just turned 12 wks pregnant. I am really concerned, see I have been partying drinking alcohol, and using cocaine. I would do it once a weekend, usually on Saturdays. Not every single saturday, but close enough. Is my baby in danger? Should I keep it. I am really scared. I need to know an honest opinion PLEASE..


N - March 6

As for should you keep it...I most definitely would! Look up a picture of a baby at 12 weeks and it's amazing how developed he/she actually is! You will begin feeling it move soon even which is a great feeling! There are many babies that have been exposed to this type of drug/alcohol use that become successful adults. Adoption is always an option if raising the child is the problem. But as far as does the baby have a chance at a good life...yes!!! Talk to a dr. about the effects that the drugs/alcohol may have on the baby. I think if you stop now, everything will be ok... Good luck and congratulations on your baby!


Sara - March 6

I'm just amazed that you could be 12 weeks--three MONTHS--along and JUST finding out you're pregnant. Are you serious?


Denise - March 6

Yes, I am serious! I guess I am or was just to caught up in the party life to realize whats really going on. I know I am shocked too!


elisveta - March 6 is very possible to not know if your pregnant. Some girls have very irregular periods.... if thats the case than how would she know she was pregnant? And alot dont get ANY symptoms. I didn't find out till I was 8 weeks. My friend was in her 4th month before she found. You never know.


elisveta - March 6

Before i found out I was drinking hard liquer every night, and I did occasional cocaine and methodone as well as smoking cigarretes. I quit everything and all seems to be going well according to the doctors and ultrasounds.


marie - March 6

With your question should you keep it.. You're the only one who can decide that. If the reason why you shouldn't keep it is because you partied too much before you found out, I suggest to discuss this with your doctor. Be honest with your doctor so that she can inform you of the consequences of your actions prior to your knowledge of being pregnant. Good Luck!



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