Is My Bath Too Hot

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kristinns25 - March 6

How do you know if your bath is too hot? I love to take long warm baths but I don't know how to make sure I am not getting too warm? My dh always says my water is too warm but there is nothing more uncomfortable than taking a cold bath. Well, I can think of a few things more uncomfortable but you guys get the point. Help! I don't want to hurt my little one!


JulieK - March 6

I spoke with my doctor about this. He said it isn't baths that are the concern, it is hot tubs. If the water is comfortable for you in the bath it should be fine for your baby, and most of us don't have it so deep that our bellies would be completely submerged anyway. But hot tubs are different, as usually you are in water up to your shoulders and they are very hot. No more than 10 min in a hot tub, and only after the first trimester is over is waht he told me. Baths are fine.


c_baer19 - March 6

Sometimes I take my temperature after a hot bath or a shower just to make sure my temp. hasn't risen too much, it usually hasn't, but it helps me feel better, haha. =)


mommybabyboy21 - March 6

what c baer says is basically correct...I just got over the flu and my dr told me that whatever your tempeture is your baby's temepture is 1 degree higher...and most hot tubs raise yoru tempeture to over 100 degrees for a long period of time but a hot bath...unless you have a super hot water heater and are constantly refreshing the water couldn't really raise your temp that much or for that long to really effect your baby...its possible but really difficult to unless you are constantly filling the tub with super hot water...I think a hot bath is fine.


DownbutnotOUT - March 6

My dr and baby book advice against hot baths and hot tubs saying any major increase in temperature is dangerous. if you have a hot bath that starts turning your skin at all red or light pink it is too hot and you should not be in there too long if at all.


kelley - March 6

kristinns25, I understand the need for the warm bath too... I love them... I have actually asked my doctor about this at my last appointment. He actually said that sitting submerged in water that is more than body temp is really not good for any period of time... It can hurt the baby (although he did not mention how). So I out of curiosity took my digital cooking thermometer and measured the temperature of the water that I "enjoy" sitting in... which is not hot I would consider it warm, and it was 106 degrees F. So I got out, and then ran some cooler water in the tub until I got it to roughly 99 degrees F and girl that was what I would consider a cold bath. The main thing is that you do not want to raise your core body temperature that is what can do the damage to the baby. Hope that this is helpful... although probably not the news that you wanted. :(


idesign17 - March 6

I was told that your body would let you know what was too warm. If you start feeling sick or light headed, it's too warm. Same with room temp and such, your preggie body will tell you when it's time to be in a cooler environment.


florinna - March 7

I read in one of my books that if the bath makes your face sweat pretty quickly, it's too hot. Otherwise it's fine! I wouldn't worry.


wailing - March 11

I love hot baths as well, and at 27 wks they have helped ALOT w/ body aches and back pain. I was really concerned too about bath temp. If you're really worried I would test the water temp w/ a thermometer and make sure it stays below 100 degrees F. But, in most books I've read, it says that if you can get in comfortably all at once and don't have to slowly sit, the temp is most likely fine. Dr's are concerned w/ temp b/c tho we can sweat when we're hot, babies cannot and some overheating may affect development early on.


Maggie - March 11

I love HOT showers. I always bring in a tall gla__s of ice water for me to drink while I'm in there. My hot showers are the only thing that gets rid of my back and pelvic pain.



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