Is Ok To Eat Water Melon

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marie8 - April 16

I am currently at 27 wks..I would like to know if is ok to eat water melon? Also, which week to enter Third trimester? Is 28 or 29 wks? Thanks!


skn331 - April 16

why wouldnt it be ok to eat watermelon? Its chock full of vitamins, good source of lycopene and fluids. Not sure about the third trimester, but I thought it started at 28 weeks, thats just me though.


HannahBaby - April 16

28 weeks


livdea - April 16

well if you are affraid of looking like you swallowed a watermellon, then well, sorry to tell you but avoiding watermellon wont stop this from happening! ;) Watermellon is fine and great to eat of course! and yeah 3rd tri is 28 weeks!


SuzieQ - April 16

I read in "girlfrineds guide to pregnancy" that watermelon is a natural diuretic - so if your having lots of water retention it will help with that. I don't think eating watermelon will be harmful in any way - and it's delicious... great. Now I want watermelon ;)


knpandrews - April 17

So funny... I was reading this post and now all i want is watermelon. mmmm. NICE COLD WATERMELON.


shima - April 17

Ive been craving fruit and i eat about 2 whole melons a week and lots and lots of oranges, not to mention strawberries,grapefruit and lots and lots of mangoes. am i ODing in fruit. I cant help it baby loves fruit and its all i want to eat at anytime.


babyluv - April 17

oh great, now I am craving an ice cold I need to go buy one tomorrow:0)


knpandrews - April 18

LOL... I had it last night. ICE COLD WATER MELON so yummy.


bhouchen - April 18

I have been eating watermelon like crazy. I am 17 wks and the only objection I have to it is that I was just getting over having to pee every two seconds and with eating so much wm I have to go every second and a half. I am loving it though. Good luck ladies.


marie - April 18

Watermelon..hhmmm yummy!!!!


numba1cutie6t9 - April 18

yup..watermelon does sounD REALLY good right about now


Cicely-LJ - April 19

Wow, I sure hope there is nothing wrong with eating watermelon because it seems each and every day that is all I want to eat. I've included oranges this week at least two a day but now I'm craving watermelon again. Thanks!!!!


fefer1 - April 20

Yum! Watermelon! I've been craving it but there aren't a lot of fresh ones out where I live! Bummer!



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