Is Painting Okay

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ejmeskan - January 26

Does anyone know if it would be harmful to the baby if I painted? I am 24 weeks and want to paint 1 wall in a room. I have heard rumors about painting while pregnant and don't want to jeopardize my baby's health. I am just getting anxious to paint but really could wait to have my husband or mother do it.


shygirly - January 26

You should avaoid it if you can but if you have to, get one of those painters face masks and open up all the windows so you are not breathing in the fumes. I found myself having to paint because my husband is too d__n lazy to be bothered.


JerseyGirl - January 26

I had the same question so I did some research and read that as long as the paint is latex-based (which these days, most are), you are totally fine. Of course, I do suggest taking the precautions mentioned above (opening windows & wearing a mask). If you're only painting one wall, you won't be spending a lot of time in that room anyway, so don't worry.


ejmeskan - January 26

Great thanks! My husband just said he would do it but that isn't until next week and I want it done NOW! ha! Thanks for the advice!


sarahd - January 26

I'm avoiding it, because paint fumes made me kind of dizzy even before I was pregnant, so I figure it wouldn't be the best thing now. - January 26

i've also heard that latex is okay, and you're out of your 1st trimester...i've also heard to stay clear of oil based paint! even if you don't do the painting, stay out of the house for a few days at least to be sure all the fumes are completely gone!!!


ejmeskan - January 26

Thanks! I have checked since I sent this and I think that Latex is okay. But I am just going to have my husband do it to be safe. I appreciate the feedback- I heard the same thing about oil based.


Allisonc79 - January 26

Shygirly that is hilarious, my dh is too lazy for painting so I'll end up painting as well. I can predict that coming. I think in your 2nd trimester as long as the windows are open, wear a mask, and if you can get a water based paint.



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