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Blake - May 16

Me and my G/F have been 2gather for 3 mths and Last night she started having bad stomache pains , so I took her to the ER and they said she is 22 weeks pregnant, She said she didnt know that and she had a couple of periods since then and thought nothing about it....Is she telling the truth or can it really happen....I dont know what to think , Maybe she said that just so we could get 2gather. I would have anyway even if she was pregnant with someone elses baby, But she didnt give me the chance to make that choice on my own


Amy - May 16

She is a LIAR....There is no way you could be 22 weeks and not know it.....Hell you would be showing and feeling movment , So I think she played ya Blake


audrea - May 16

I have a friend whose periods were always off and skipping them all the time. She also went to the ER and found out she was almost 7 months pregnant. I couldn't even tell she was. She just thought she had gained a little weight and thought the feelings in her stomach was weird put paid no attention to it because it didn't happen real often yet. So, to answer your question, she may be telling the truth. I am 5 months pregnant and if I had not had to do a pregnancy test before a surgery I had scheduled, I would have not known yet either. I have only gained 3 pounds and I can't even tell by looking that I am pregnant. My husband also says I look the same, and he should know. Some people just don' t get all the same symptoms of pregnancy.


K - May 16

I agree with Audrea. I don't know about your girl friend but it has certainly happened before that a woman was pregnant but did not realise it until advanced stage of pregnancy. And yes, some women do still get their period monthly even while pregnant, although it is not as common. And first pregnancies may not feel movement til around 22 weeks, and it can easily be confused for gas etc. So it is possible.


Noams - May 16

A woman worked with, left work early one friday with a bad tummy, on monday my boss got a call saying she would not be comm9ing back because she had just given birth to a baby boy. She was 43 years old and just thought she was getting a bit fat, she had been told she was unable to have children, so she did not see the signs. I am sorry but I can not answer for you girlfriend, many womaen have keeped pregnancy from thier loved ones, sometimes it is bacause they could not face up to pregnacy themselves. I hope it all works out for you. Also if you have only been together for 3 mths then are you sure it is your baby 22 weeks is over 3 mths pregnant


Blake - May 16

I knew it wasnt mine, Her and I have been friends for years, She has been with someone for over 2 years, She broke it off with him and I asked her out about a month after she broke up with him, I have never heard of such a thing, I have 2 sisters and they always know about 6 weeks or so, I thought maybe she lied and said she didnt know cuz she thought I would not want to be with her still if I knew she was pregnant. But I have waited 2 years for her, I would have wanted to anyway, Just more for me to love is the way I look at it, But I dont like lies. So I thought I would get info from other women


Karen - May 16

what kinda stomach pains sent her to the ER? Is she ok? I guess the baby is not yours. This is going to be a tough time for her. Be easy. She may have known, but it's not for certain. How old is she? At the time you got together she certainly may not have known yet. Maybe she was scared to say something and she's so naive that she didn't realize how soon it would catch up to her. Best wishes. Try not to make this situation too traumatic. It won't help. She needs support to sort out her life.


sam - May 16

I can see this happening. I know women who had their periods with pregnancy.....The first sign of pregnancy is a missed period. If you don't miss a period. Most women wouldn't think pregnancy. She probably pa__sed the movement as gas. She likely wasn't showing yet. She is going to need a lot of support. I don't think she's a lair at all. Good Luck!! P.s . Pregnant women can be s_xy!


*** - May 16

Not sure but 22 Weeks and she did not even realise? It could be started showing....


Julie - May 16

Maybe she new but was in denial I had a friend who didn't tell anyone until she was 4 months along she said she didn't know but I think she was just in denial so because she knew how upset her man was going to be. I think it is possible to not know if you are having periods (some women do bleed) and if this is her first pregnancy she wouldn't start showing right away and wouldn't feel the baby move until around 20 weeks.


Blake - May 16

I am 27 weeks and still do not have my pregnancy confirmed by a doctor. This is the first month, I have been late. I've had periods the whole time. Felt pregnant the whole time, but as a girl, when you have a period, you convince your mind that you are not pregnant. I don't think she is lying to you. I started feeling the stomach pains at 21 weeks. You could also come straight out and ask her.


Tiffany - May 16

Opps, sorry, I put Blake's name in the wrong place. The above post was from me! :)


Kiley - May 16

It is very possible she didn't know, a lot of women have there periods when they are pregnant. My sister got her period every month, as usual.


Blake - May 16

She is 26 a little over weight "she said" I think she looks great, But when we were there they said it was pre term labor, And they gaver her a shot of something in a IV, and it stopped. I did come right out and ask her and she said she promises me she didnt have any idea.I asked her this morning how she was feeling and she said she feels like she is going to lose me..naaa thats not going to happen. I think a baby is just more for me to love, even if its not mine. Thanks for the help


justasec - May 16

its very possible that she wasnt/isnt showing and that no one else could tell she was pregnant. it depends on her size. I am 5'4" and weigh 105 pds and you would not know I am 7 months pregnat unless i told you. i barely have a little bump.(and you have to really look to see it) I just started to feel the flutterings of the baby. and its also very possible that she had a couple of light periods in the beginning. so before anyone starts pa__sing judgments you need to stop and think about the situation. how old is your gf? how is her home life? could be that she was in denial, or just didnt want to be pregnant. Maybe you should sit down and talk with her before posting is she a liar.


lyn - May 16

if she is 22 weeks pregnant and you have only been together 3 months, then it should be yours unless you had s_x 5 months ago. I don't see how you could not see that you are pregnant. I haven't had ANY symptoms at all and I knew I was pregnant the day I missed my period.


For Tiffany - May 16

How are you 27 wks and your doctor hasn't confirmed it?? I have had 5 ultrasounds done so far and I am 5 months pregnant. Have you gone to the doctor?? He heard my baby's heartbeat at 10wks. Have you heard yours?? I am not being rude, I am just asking.



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