Is She Doing Backflips In There Or What

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sassifras - June 20

Is anyone else feeling like their baby is moving too much? I remember my daughter moving quite a bit, but I don't think this child ever stops, honestly! It is constant, when I sleep, when I eat, drink, when I stand up you can still see her all over the place~! I love it don't get me wrong, but is this normal or am I in for it!?


sa__sifras - June 20

Oh and by the way I am almost 25 weeks:) Due October 5th.


tryingx3 - June 20

I am due one week before and my litlte one is pretty active too...maybe we are just in for it!! :-) Funny to be sitting in a meeting and wondering if anyone is noticing my stomach moving. :-)


mandee25 - June 22

I am 19 weeks tomorrow and my baby moves mostly when I am falling asleep or eating or when I sit down after standing for a while but I cannot say he or she moves all the time yet. I know it must be coming!


JESS1980 - June 22

I am 32 weeks, and my baby's movement is still VERY frequent. But my doctor says a "moving" baby is a healthy baby.


ThePezChick - June 22

I'm due Oct. 5th and my son is moving a lot too. He doesn't move constantly, but definitely on and off througout the day and night. Much more active than he was previously. I guess he's having fun in there... who knows?


KLT - June 22

I'm 23 weeks and while I feel movement, its not all that much... maybe i'll have a good baby that sleeps all the time instead of up all nite!!!


lexa - June 23

Oh wow sa__sifras and ThePezChick, I'm due Oct 5th also! Maybe it's a girl thing...I kept thinking mine was practicing gymnastics already. She's been very active lately! My son was very calm. Funny thing is they still have the hardest time trying to hear the heartbeat on the ain't happening! 2nd appt in a row that they couldn't really get it! That's the hardest I feel the kicks (funny). I guess that's when she practices "soccer". Just hoping this isn't a sign of her "sleep pattern"!!! I'm not going to have the energy for this little one if it stays this way, lol!


scarlett - June 25

I'm 22 weeks and for for the past week or so, my baby's been moving a LOT too. Mine's a boy and he does kick/move hard, I sometimes wonder what he's doing inside there. And I'm beginning to see little bulges on my tummy everytime he moves. Anyway that's fine, though. A lot of movement is better than too little movement. At least I know my baby's healthy.



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