Is Something Wrong With Me

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Please Help - June 7

Whenever my husband touches my nipples or sucks on them, I get this feeling of it being wrong or dirty now that I am pregnant. And now I don't like being naked cus it feels strange to me. Is anyone else feeling this way or is something wrong with me?! Please help.


response - June 7

Well for me, I like keeping my nipples away from my husband during s_x now because they are tender. He doesn't like it because my b___sts are bigger now and he wants to take advantage of it. Too bad. It's not that I feel it is dirty, but it just doesn't feel good. and about being naked... I don't like it as much anymore either, but my husband doesn't mind... even likes the new look. so I humor him and act like it's no big deal. Maybe you can tell your husband how you feel about this so he can help you out somehow.


Please help - June 7

Thanks for the response. My husband likes the way I look as well so I guess I should be glad that he does and just go with the flow. Good luck with your pregnancy!


me - June 7

I love it right now.My nipples are tingly and my DH turns me on more by sucking them.However when the baby comes that will all change.I don't at all think its wrong for you to feel the way you do, after all its basically like having your child in the room while etting it on, right?K maybe now I won't wanna have s_x,lol...ooops.Oh well I understand you and I'm sure your DH understands as well.It does get better, good luck. :)


Ranya - June 11

I'm in the same situation as "Response" I don't feel dirty but it's more painful which is quite frustrating for my hubby...I'm also worried that I'll start leaking from the stimulation!


kim - June 11

Now that I am pregnant, I feel kind of the same way. I feel like its wrong for me to be doing all the "dirty" stuff now. I hope I get over this feeling soon because I know that there is nothing dirty about it, never was. :-)



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