Is Taking Chemestry Class Bad For The Baby

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Brianna - January 24

I am attending college right now, and I am in my fourth month of pregnancy, my question was, is it bad for my babys health if I take this class?? Please if someone has an answer for me I will appreciated. thank you. Also should I feel my stomach hard or not yet? because it doesnt feel hard yet.


Lori - January 25

I have a bachlors in Chemistry and Forensic Science. And the answer is it depends on the cla__s. An organic chemistry cla__s would not be great. There are a lot of fumes and use of carcinogens. Even with gloves and goggles and under a hood you would be exposing yourself and your baby to some bad stuff. If it is general chemistry you are probably fine. Remember the more advanced the cla__s the more advanced and dangerous chemicals you use. In early Chem cla__ses they are teaching you proper safety and procedures. Then you start working with the good stuff or bad stuff. Also speak to your professor about your concerns. He will be your best a__set and may help you alleviate dangerous experiments in exchange for others. Your professor may also be able to allow you access to the lab next semester after the baby is born. If you have any other chem questions let me know. Also Good luck. I don't know about the hard stomach.


Brianna - January 26

Hi Lori for your answer, well my teacher told me that we were going to be working with, Decane Hydrocarbon organic solrent, I am not sure what that is , but if you know something aboit it I will appreciated, thank you


Lori - January 27

You should avoid contact with your skin and work under the hood but if you take those precautions you should be fine. I would wear gloves and make sure you are under the hood. Good Luck!!


Ruthie - February 24

I am a chemistry teacher, and my doctor said that the chemicals we use in cla__s will not harm the baby at all. I have chosen not to use organic chemicals though because of the strong fumes. Otherwise, avoid skin contact and all will be fine.


dennis - August 24

its not bad to you to take the cla__s because you want to learn more to finish your studies



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