Is That My Baby

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CodyKatie5 - February 24

Hi everyone! I have enjoyed this site so much and I really love hearing about all the different things that go on in everyone's pregnancies. I am 16w4d and I think I am feeling my baby move. This is my first pregnancy so I'm not sure. For the last 2 days, I have felt little flutters in my low tummy. It's really hard to explain. I know they're not gas bubbles because I get gas bubbles when I feel gassy (sorry TMI) and they are higher in my abdomen, closer to my stomach, and these feelings do not feel like that. I've heard people say it feels like you have butterflies flapping inside you when you feel your first movements. Is that true because if it is I think it's my little one. I'm going to the Dr. on Tuesday for my check up and I'm so bummed because they're not going to do THE ULTRASOUND until I am 21 weeks. Anyways, if any of you could share with me about your first movements I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


krnj - February 24

It sounds like it could be your baby! When I was pregnant with my son I felt gas bubbles or something like you described. I didn't start feeling kicks until I was around 24 weeks or so. Believe me you will definately know when they kick! :) I'm pregnant with #2 and I've been feeling flutters for a few weeks now. I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow. Best of luck to you!


kimberly - February 24

Sounds like baby to me. I have two boys now and this is my third. That is the way I first felt them move, as krnj said they will get stronger and stornger each week.


wailing - February 24

Congrats, sounds to me like ur little one is making contact:) This is my 1st also, and I didn't feel kicks until 20wks. Ur right, it's the oddest feeling, very hard to desrcibe. Very light tapping from the inside almost? Almost like someone is brushing the inside of ur belly? But in just few weeks you'll feel actual KICKING all the time! Ican even see the movements in my belly now at 24 weeks:) ENJOY


kvilendrer - February 27

It's probably the baby! I am now 16 weeks pregnant with my second one, and I am actually feeling kicks (instead of flutters)! It's amazing!!


AshleyandAverysmom - February 27

Hello baby! Its so fun to feel that, but just wait to till he/she really starts to kick! I play a game with mine..when he starts to kick Ill tap my tummy and he will kick again..sooooo fun! It sounds to me like your starting to feel things. It's your body so only you know whats what! But my guess is that your feeling your baby! congrats!


excited2bemama - February 27

I felt some movements really early on- like 13 weeks. It felt like a fish swimming around a fish bowel and then hitting the side of the bowel.. then I felt nothing for about 3 weeks and then I felt it again- and then nothing for about another 2 weeks. it definately could be the baby. Good luck. My pregnancy was been rough and i remember when I first got that feeling- it gave me hope and made me happy. :o)



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