Is The Doctor Wrong

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pomny143 - October 4

Hi everyone. This is my first time on this site and I love how all of you are so helpful! With that being said, here is my question. Is it possible that I am further along than I think I am? I am having trouble remembering my LMP date exactly. I believe it was July 7th which would make me13 weeks on Saturday. I had a sono and she really didnt say much as far as how many weeks I am. I wouldnt be concerned like this, but I am showing...a lot, and I have many of the symptoms of being further along. What do you think? Is it possible?


evae777 - October 4

i have the same problem, my doc says i am 2 weeks farther than my calculations. and i am almost exactly sure that my calculations are correct so i'm afraid my due date is totally off!


Anathi - October 5

The Dr is right hence they normally view from the scan or from you. The scan can make you further or behind which is normal but with u knowing the LMP or the O day its far more better like me my lo is further by a week.When I calculate I use my conception day the Dr told me to since the u/s can be further by weeks than later count normally . In most cases the u/s counts according to the development of the baby. I hope the info would help u calm down.


BriannasMummy - October 5

It depends on how early your first u/s is. After (i believe) about 15 each baby will start to have growth spurts at different times during the pregnancies. Now if you went in at 13 weeks to have an u/s the measurements that they did would be quite accurate on how far along you actually are. Thats exactly how I got my last 2 due dates.. with my last pregnancy they put me farther ahead then I thought, and with pregnancy they backed me up a bit. With my last pregnancy, the due date that they came up with worked well, my dd was born perfectly healthy.. so i feel quite certain about this due date as well. I think you need to talk to your doc and find out what they found the due date to be in the u/s. Good luck with everything. ~Kristin~


Stephanie_31 - October 5

Everyone is different. Symptoms are a guideline. I am huge and I am 14weeks along with my second. I wouldn't worry to much. If your dates were off the sono would pick it up and the doctor would let you know. Before 14 weeks a sono is pretty good for dating. It is not usually off more than 6 days plus or minus.


pomny143 - October 6

Thank you all so much for your comments. I feel a lot better. I am going to the doctor this Friday, and I will be sure to ask her if my LMP and the size of the baby in the u/s match up. You guys are great. Thanks again.


cynnababy - October 7

u/s measurement to date your pg with CRL is accurate up to about 13 weeks. after that, all bets are off, since there it's not just the length they are growing anymore. Some babies grow faster than others too...



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