Is There Anyone Else NOT Finding Out Their Baby S Sex

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mama keya - September 23

I know many of you will be finding out the s_x of your baby before birth, and I've heard many of the reasons. But I just want to know is there anyone that will not be finding out till birth. I have 3 children and I found out before birth with all 3 of them so this one is my last and I want to try something diffrent. We already call the baby by name. (T.J) and we are not having a baby shower but a welcome home dinner instead. And as far a clothes we will by maybe 3 or 4 outfits, white T-shirts and Sockes and once the baby is here we will get more then. Red is my favorite color so the strollers, car seats, diaper bags and anything else that's a must have now will be red also. So I'm I in this alone or is there anyone else not finding out till birth.


melluvsmik - September 23

I do not have it in me to wait that long, If I could have found out right awa I would have. Partof me wishes I could have waited and had it be a surprise, but Iam 27 years old and still peek at my christmas presents, so I could hardly let the s_x of my baby be a surprise. LOL


Tory1980 - September 23

I'm not finding out although I was tempted to with this one following a 2nd Tri miscarriage. I have three children before - all boys - and I never found out with any of them either. It will be a surprise a few months.


Chic Atty - September 23

Hilarious! I still peek at my gifts too! Yeah, I can not sleep without laying out my outfit for the next day. You bet I was in for my 20 week ultrasound to find out. I'm a planner and do not like surprises. Knowing my luck, the ultrasound tech was wrong and I end up having a girl instead!


mama keya - September 23

That's funny peeking at Christmas Presents LOL. Well Tory I hope I can get through my 20 wk u/s without finding out too but that's my plan. Good luck to you all.


blfox4 - September 23

I am not finding out either. While it is very hard to keep that husband and I want it to be a suprise and this is our first child. THere are so few suprises...and we are in control of this one. But we are also very lucky to already have everything we need for a boy or a girl due to my MIL shopping for her unborn grand children for the past three years :o) we are fortunate to not have to shop before our baby is born!! But I am 23w and wanting to know....but I think that it is a boy!! We shall see in 4 months.....!!!!!!


mama keya - September 23

Good Luck blfox4 have you had your 20wk u/s yet


Happymommy - September 23

Hi mama keya, Tory! and blfox I'm with you--we are waiting to find out what we are having. We have two boys now and knew with our first (by accident) and did not with our second. It is totally worth waiting!! There really is a different kind of anticipation during labor. I totally understand why people choose to find out, but after our experience of being surprised at birth we would not do anything differently. You'll be glad that you waited. It'll be fun waiting in anticipation with you ladies!


mama keya - September 24

WhooHoo!!! I'm so glad I'm not waiting alone, you ladies rock, LOL. Have you guys past that 20 wk U/S yet. (Tory, blfox4, Happymommy)


lala7 - September 24

I'm 14 weeks and we're not finding out the gender. We've both always liked the idea of keeping it a surprise. I think maybe if I wanted a particular gender then I might find out but I really just want the surprise. Plus, I don't want to go too pink or blue cos we'll use the stuff for our next children so it prevents a gender based overload - and prevents my mum from having bought an entire wardrobe for the baby by now!


kaitlin - September 24

We did not find out with our first, and so this time, being our last, we decided to try the other route. I would definitely suggest you try the "not knowing" route once, if you can. It really made the birth totally amazing for us. Our ds ended up being breech, so we planned the day of the c-section, so there wasn't much surprise there. It was nice to at least have one big surprise that day. And to be honest, now that I know what I am having this time around, I feel like all of the excitement is gone. It's not the first baby, anyway, so of course, it isn't as "new", so knowing what it is also is kind of a let down. If we do decide to try once more, I will definitely not find out the s_x beforehand. I think it is just personal preference, but as you say, you knew for all of them beforehand, so why not try it this way for this last one and not find out?


sarah21 - September 24

I am no good at waiting. I have the patience of a two year old. I admire people who can wait because I think it makes it a lot more fun for other people who know you're pregnant. When you get that phone call, the first thing you say is "BOY OR GIRL?!"" My friend had a baby a couple years ago and I went to the hospital right before she delivered and waited about 2 hours to see her and her husband came out and he said, "The baby is 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long, and has a ton of hair." I about screamed at him, "WHAT wAS IT?!" So yeah it is more exciting but I can't wait. I gotta know...


Happymommy - September 24

Hi mama keya--I am 16 weeks today so not to the 20 week point yet. But I do have my ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday and I am pretty excited for that! I just hope that we don't accidentally find out like we did with our first, lol!!


Stephanie_31 - September 24

My husband and I are waiting. We each have girls so this is our first baby together. We want it to be a surprise. If I did find out via u/s I couldn't get out of the back of my mind that someone made a mistake. My luck it would turn out the opposite s_x! I'll just wait until I see things with my own eyes.


Anathi - September 25

I'm also in the same shoes NOT KNOWING maybe I might take it as a suprise till birth


Hol - September 25

Hey I am 19 weeks and my husband and I want to be surprised also. It is our first baby. We go for the 20 week u/s next week. We can't wait to see the baby but we don't want to accidentally find out. Anyone gone through the u/s?


Tenk - September 27

OMG, Keya.....I had no idea that you had been successful. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's is just absolutely wonderful news!!! I'll keep you in my prayers. Me, still nothing. Maybe it'll be our turn soon. WOW!!! I'm just beyond words excited for you..............I'm liking TJ too...........are you using Teneal if it's a girl.... ;-) Love ya!!!



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