Is There Anyone Who Doesn T Want To Know Gender

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K - December 8

I'm seeing so about what gender everyone is having or they already know. We feel like the only ones who want the surprise. It's harder now not being able to buy gender specific items but, I feel like knowing is knowing your christmas presant before you open it. No FUN


Amanda - December 8

I feel it is up to you. To me, it is a surprise no matter when you find out. We plan on finding out as soon as we can, but I sometimes wish I could be strong and "hold out" untill the baby is born. I don't think I have enough patience. Good luck with your pregnancy!


Charlene - December 8

I am waiting - I am now 27 weeks and will wait til I deliver. I think it will be an awesome surprise


karen - December 8

I agree that it's a surprise no matter when you find out. It's just that if you find out earlier, you can plan better. I understand if people want to wait, but it's all about preference. There will be plenty of surprises on delivery-day. What does the baby look like? How big is he/she? How will the delivery go, etc. My husband & I are going to open the envelope with the s_x written inside on Christmas morning, so it will be more special than finding out in the doctor's office. a__suming they can tell from the ultrasound next week, that is. :)


ry - December 8

hey, i am not finding out the gender either, it is exciting this way. it is kinda hard to buy things though although neutral is good because I hope to have more than one baby anyway!


GE - December 8

27 weeks also-and we are not finding out. We knew with our first, and I kind of wished that we didn't know beforehand. (we actually found out by accident) Friends who have had both (knew with one and not the other) said that there was really a different element of excitement during labor when they did not know. So I am looking forward to that!


Allie - December 8

We are definitely waiting for delivery to find out - I think it will make the day so much better to hear that "It's a girl OR boy".


mama-beans - December 8

My sister is waiting as well... For me, I just don't think our child is a "surprise" or a "Christmas Present" . I just gender is a very important aspect of who I'm carrying here.. If it is a boy, I need to make circuscision decisions, etc. that kind of thing. I like to be as prepared as possible, and gender has a lot to do with preparedness and babies.. There isn't a lot you can control with pregnancy and babies, but at least I know what color going home outfit to pack! I am just too much of a control freak to leave major things like decor colors, wardrobe pieces, etc up to the last minute... I really have no preference, that isn't why I like to know.. it's just that for me, it is easier to bond with this little being when I know who I am talking to. Good for you that you can wait it out! I know it was a neat moment when my sis went into the birth of her first (C-section) and the proud Papa came out and announced that it was a GIRL!! That was fun..


Allison - December 9

I think either way is a surprise, I enjoyed it when the u/s guy told us it was a boy!! We are very happy to be able to call the baby a him, instead of an it, and also to call the baby by his name... I think it creates an strong bond, when I get a kick I can imagine my little boy kicking :)


Mariane - December 9

For me the best words to hear after labor, is that my baby is healthy!!!


Becky - December 9

You are NOT the only ones!!! People almost act like there's something wrong with us when we say we're not finding out. It IS a ha__sle, not being able to buy too much beforehand, but I think that is the only thing that will get me through the last couple weeks and the delivery. There are too few good surprises in may as well take them when you can.


Tracy - December 9

I certainly feel as though it is personal preference and depends on what kind of person you are. I was never the one to ruin the surprise of Christmas by sneaking in to look at my Christmas presents, so I guess that is just who I am. My best friend is pregnant and she can not imagine not knowing, she is a planner, so it doesn't really matter I suppose. For me, I just think that there are not too many times in life when you are able to have a fantastic, wonderful surprise like that. I can only relate it to being proposed to and ...well, I can't think of anytime else, just a truly special moment. Of course, on the day, I may not give a rats behind because I will be so tired and in pain -LOL!! Oh well, good luck girls whichever way you decide!



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