Is There Anything To Drink Other Than Water

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mcatherine - May 20

I drink an obnoxious amout of water. What else is left after you take away soda, sports drinks and juice due to sugar, diet soda and crystal light due to the sweetener,milk because of the fat and calories and hate the taste of iced tea?


HannahBaby - May 20

i like citrus water. I get some bottled water and put it in a pitcher then squeeze a lemon and orange into the water.....its kinda like the flavored water without the sugar/artificial sweetner. Also, im a chocolate freak but dont want to gain alot of weight as i did with my first so i have a big tall gla__s of chocolate milk with fat free milk.


SuzieQ - May 21

I mix unsweetened fruit juice half and half with water. I figure naturally occurring sugar is ok, and the water cuts it down a bit too. For summer, you can add frozen fruit instead of ice cubes to water. Um....I've gone to 1% milk instead of my regular 2%. Oh - and make fruit spritzers with sparkling water - make sure to get the sparkling water that doesn't have all the chemicals added if you like - then add juice :0 ) That's all the ideas I have! How come you don't like iced tea? Is it just like Nestea you don't like or all iced teas (i.e. homeade caffeine free "safe" herbal iced teas)?


Kristin72 - May 21

Milk and soy products are really important to have while pregant..not only for the calcium but vitamin D, Riboflavin, niacin..and many other nutrients..the fat content is very low as well 1% or 2% milk fat. Another option is to crush fruit or berries, or citrus with ice and mint and add soda or perrier..soo yummy!!


Erynn21 - May 21

It was really hot where I live and last week I wanted something "fun" to drink so I took juice, water and ice and mixed it in the blender like a vigin drink, I also did that w/ some chai and rice milk that was so yummy. I know milk is important during pregnancy, but cow milk grosses me out, yuck. I think that a nice gla__s of blackberry ice tea would be good it doesn't have that ice tea taste it's fruity and yummy, and caffiene free, but I still ingest some caffiene. I also drink sparkling, naturally flavored water those are yummy.


Evonna - May 21

I hate water myself, i have drunk cool-aid & iced tea for 3 months and i had stopped yesterday. I have forced myself to drink water from now on and i figured it wasn't so bad after all. I have made water my friend from the worst enemy, lol. Sometimes i can't always go to the store to get flavored water so yea.


squished - May 21

I drink kool-aid and crystal light too. My dr. said that the reports on the artificial sweetners come from mice that were given obnoxious amounts of the product to cause cancer. Also, the sweetner in crystal light, Splenda has been studied in pregnancy and has shown no harmful side effects.


mcatherine - May 21

I never thought of mixing half juice and half water...duh! I guess I do it for my neices and nephews, why not myself? I wonder if I would be allowed the diluted version. My doctors have me steering clear of fruit juice (even unsweetened) because diabetes runs in both sides of my family - although I am allowed fruit. I made myself spritzers at home until they cut me off two weeks ago. I also never thought of crushing berries with sparkling water. I eat a lot of leafy greens, which have almost as much calcium as milk - which I loved until the hormones took over and told me otherwise! I do eat yogurt a few times weekly...but only Dannon Light and Fit, which is sweetened with Splenda. Crystal Light, I thought, was sweetened with aspartame? Perhaps I can try some flavored teas..I was just never a fan and stayed away from them altogether. Thanks for all the ideas!


mcatherine - May 21

Now that I think about it - if I'm not allowed to mix fruit juice with sparkling water, I won't be allowed to mix it with plain water. Good idea, though! But now I have just sent my husband to the store to return with flavored decaf teas, berries and some soy and rice milk to see if I can stomach it better than cow's. I drink soy in my lattes every Sunday (which I skipped this morning), but never once thought of bringing it home. My most flavorful drink in 7 days has been adding lemon to my water, so I am excited. Thanks again!


Mingill - May 21

My Doc. took away my fruit juices (I have a family history of diabetes and I started this pregnancy overweight 206lbs, so we're trying to avoid gestational diabetes). I drink mostly water, decaf teas, V8 and skim milk. The calcium is important, especially for baby's growing bones, if you drink skim, it cuts out the fat (I know skim milk, yuck, my mother calls it cow washings, but once you get used to it, it's fine) For a special treat, I make smoothies with fresh fruit, yogurt and skim milk. I figure naturally occuring sugars are okay if I limit them.



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