Is This Movement That I Am Feeling

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denimbluez - November 13

first time mom here in my 16th, almost 17th week. i know that i can possibly expect a "flutter" and that would be my little guy moving. well....i have been feeling something, but i can't use the word "flutter" to explain it. it's sort of like a mild sting, like the baby would be pinching me?? is that right??


sarah21 - November 14

I felt a similar thing around that time, too. But early in my 18th week I felt the flutter and knew exactly what it was. It felt kind of like bubbles popping, almost too light to notice, but still unmistakable. I don't know if the stinging was movement or not, but rest a__sured that soon you will feel undeniable movement, and then it will be so irregular that you will still question what it is but when it gets more frequent, you'll know for sure. I had an exam at 19 weeks and during the time the midwife brought the doppler out, the baby kicked it hard and I felt it (even the midwife felt it and commented about it) and that was a big confirmation for me about the movement. Good luck!


dukele - November 16

That stinging sounds like round ligament pain to me. You should start to feel the flutters in a couple of weeks. Actually most women have round ligament pain between 15-20 weeks before they start to feel movement. It is a ligament that kind of hangs like a hammock from pelvic bone to pelvic bone (kind of like a hi-cut bikini) and wraps around your cervex. Early in the 2nd trimester that ligament pulls up your entire uterus back into your abdominal cavity. You can feel the resultant ligament pain anywhere that ligament is wrapped (including right at the tip of your cervix). For me it felt like little swift kicks in the cervix. When you start feeling movement it will feel like a flutter, like popcorn popping, like a muscle twitch, or like the feeling you get of touching a fish. Sometimes, like gas bubbles that never actually turn into gas! I felt movement at 19 weeks, this is my first pregnancy, I bet you will be feeling movement very soon.



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