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cg - May 1

I will be 22 weeks in a few days & I still get menstrual like cramping every now & then. I was told during the first trimester that this was normal due to stretching. I know that things are still stretching, but is this type of cramping still normal? Thank you.


nichole4886 - May 5

This probably won't help you much, but I'm in a similar predicament. I am exactly 15 weeks today and within the past couple of days I've been having extreme mentrual like cramps as well. The thing that has been concerning me id the fact they hurt so bad I can't even walk, but I've asked around and everyone I know says it's pretty normal as long as it's not consistent for a long period of time. I go to the doctor in a week and I'll let you know what he tells me.


cg - May 5

Thanks! Mine are not extreme or anything like that. Some days I have them, some days not, and they never last more than 2-3 minutes. Definitely let me know how it goes with your dr!


Ddvinson3 - May 8

I've been having the same pains and I'm going to the dr. tomorrow so I will be sure to ask. And I will let you ladies know!!!!


nichole4886 - May 12

Yesterday I went to the ER because I was woken up in the middle of the night with extreme cramping in my lower abdomen but the strange part was that it was like contractions, they would come every 2-3 minutes and last for about 30 seconds to a minute. Anyways, the ER ran a blood test and a urine test and didn't find anything wrong. I got an ultra sound done also and found out that I'm exactly 15 weeks and they think it's a boy! But all they said about my pain was that it must have been early contractions. I don't really believe that too much but I see my OBGYN on Monday and I'll keep you all posted!


clare - May 12

hiya im 24 weeks and i have been getting the same thing i asked my midwife and she told me its because my muscles are stretshing and also your belly muscles move round to the sides to protect and make room for bump.



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