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krissy79 - June 26

Is this normal? My movement or kicks are down in my lower abdomen...I haven't really felt anything higher i sure this is baby? I am now 25 weeks.


preggosauce - June 26

Krissy- I had the exact same question a few weeks ago...I'm 26 weeks and I still feel kicks really low...when I had my ultrasound I asked the tech if the baby was supposed to move up, she said the baby can hang out where ever he/she feels like it. My little girl likes to hang out low...I've never felt a kick above my belly b___ton. I'm hoping this means that she will decide later on to STAY low and not stick her feet up under my ribs like I hear can happen!


Kristin72 - June 26

The movement is likely punches :)


JESS1980 - June 26

Hi everyone! I am 33 weeks and now feel the baby kicking all over. BUT, when I was around 25-26 weeks, he still only kicked around my abdomen. It seems like he really started kicking around my ribs about 2 weeks ago.


squished - June 26

I just posted this ? a few days ago! I only feel kicks down to the lower right and not anywhere else. Sometimes I wonder if the baby is stuck down there in that one spot :)


Deirdra - June 27

im 23 weeks, and feeling kick and punches all over...espcially like around my belly b___ton and above...but also alot lower...maybe its your baby...some people ive tlaked to havent had alot of all over movements, like me id rather it be in one spot lol...


luvacuppajoe - June 28

I'm 23 weeks too and feeling kicks from my down in at bladder (Mommy abuse! - LOL) to up around my belly b___ton. I can feel the top of my uterus is just at the top of my belly b___ton, so I'm not sure which are feet kicks and which are hand punches, but it's pretty cool just the same. She's most active late afternoon and early evening so it's neat to see her patterns developing already. It's to where I can lay back with my shirt up and actually see my belly rolling around. I forgotten how cool it is to watch a little life growing inside me!



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