Is This Normal Its Just

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Kay - April 15

I am haveing very bad back pains upper back mostly is this normal as everywhere i search and look its always near the tailbone the pain is mostly at. I can not sleep at nights as the pain wont go away. Its been doing it all day today and its very very uncomforable. please help what can i do to prevent this or at least feel a little bit comfortable. thank you :)


Kay - April 15

Also i am 18 weeks ....


Heidi - April 15

I had severe tailbone pain at 12 wks and still have it at 13 right now. Some days when I stand up I just about fall over as it hurts really bad. My doc said my body was releasing hormones that start losening your ligaments or whatever in your body to prepare for birth and so on and sometimes this can be painful. She told me if it gets really bad to come in and they'll do an adjustment. Sounds funny, but I suppose they crack your back and hips and stuff for you or whatever. She said it's very common. Call your doctor and tell him/her this and I'm sure they'll do something for you. Mine got better after a couple days. Stretching and walking seemed to help shift things into place but I do have a lot of back pain also and I'm not even showing yet! Try getting a body ma__sage too!


Kaly - April 15

I've been having bad upper back pain for the past 2 weeks, i'm almost 18w now. well, for me it happens when i begin to cook or do anything in the kitchen, i suspect it is the counter height for me, plus getting comfortable to sleep is a big thing for me. I have no tailbone pain, atleast not until now but sleeping like this helped me reduce my backpain a bit. i put pillows on either side while i'm lying on my side, close enough that it feels like a support to not roll over or something. i rest the front of my body over the pillow and pull the back pillow close enough, i am actually lying on the bed about 4" or so only. i also use a pillow for my head and one between my thighs, this had helped me so far.



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