Is This Pain Unusual

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Tracy - September 4

Since I was about 15 weeks pregnant (I am now 20 weeks) my pubic region has been sore. It hurts when I turn over in bed, but doesn't feel sore to touch. Is this normal?


Sam - May 21

I just had the same problem last nite and I am 18 weeks.....its like a sharp stabbing pain on one side and soreness in the v____a !! I have put in a call to th doc...but I would be interested if others have had the same experience !! From what I read - it seems like its ligaments etc stretching - but just wanted to make sure ...if others have had the same experience !


mary - May 23

I had the same problem..I am 18 weeks and I had it when I was around 16 weeks..I seen my doc and they say it is normal


Hilary - June 8

I have the same thing going o right now! I'm in my 17th week and I feel sore to the touch and a constant achy feeling. I was wondering if it was normal. I seemy doc om Thurs. so I'll ask for sure!


nikki - June 16

im 8 weeks pregnant and i have been sore for about 3 days now.. i was wonderring the same thing if it was normal my next doctors appointment isnt until july 2nd. so i will ask then ..


cheri - July 10

I'm also 15 weeks and believe me, i think i know just about every single answer there is to being pregnant because every little thing, I would call up every doctor and have ultrasounds, and not miss one single question. It's okay that you are in a little pain, but if it is really painful to where you can't even stand the pain, please go and see the doctor. Also, try to stay off your feet. It works for the pain.


Helen - August 25

I am 16 weeks pregnant and began experiencing sharp pain on the side of my stomach. My doctor said that it was due to stretching. I am still concern because its my first baby.


Lori - August 30

Helen, I am 21 weeks and have pain in my side also. My doctor says it is normal; that ligaments are stretching. He said that you usually know when something is wrong verses normal pregnancy pains.


Laura - September 4

I've been having the same pains since about week 8 (and I'm 22 weeks now). I often get sharp stabbing pains on either side of my lower abdomen. Turning over in bed, or getting out of bed, is the worst for this! I guess it's just the ligaments stretching. It's good to see other women experience the same things!


LIsa - September 14

Yes. This is common in pregnancy, your body is starting to ready itself for birth, consider the amount of growing and changes your body goes through. They say it takes about 2 years before your body goes back to normal again after a baby. I am almost 20 weeks, having my fifth baby at 39, I hope its as easy as it was in my 20's!!


heli - September 30

Im 16 weeks pregnant and having stabbing pains too, thanks so much that you all sharing that you get it too, its been worse today but been very busy, helen x


py - October 1

Wow! I finally found the answer to my question! I get this sharp pain in my right lower abdomen only sometimes when I am walking either too fast, or just walking! I always have to end up stopping just so the pain can stop a little bit!


Leisa - October 4

I'm 21 weeks and i get pains when im walking .. and its worse when im trying to get out of bed i feel like an old worman... this is my 3rd baby .. tho nine years apart its normal i had pains in my last 2 ... tho not as bad as this i was only in my early 20's.... just dont be sacre to ask the doc if you ont feel right..


Sally - October 5

I had the pain a couple of weeks ago, thought it might have been appendicitis, however, the OB says it's the ligaments stretching.


mistey - November 3

im 18wks and i get ligament pain on my lower belly on the side its normal and worsens when i stand up quickly but you say its in your pubic area so just watch out its not symphysis pubis diastsis where the pubic bone separates but the pain of this is severe and relentless and gets worse as you get bigger(i got this info from your pregnancy mag)



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