Is This Round Ligament Pain

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Olivene - March 7

Alot of the things I've read say round ligament pain is sharp and happens if you move suddenly, cough, etc. I am 18 weeks and I have definitely experienced that, but I also have fairly constant pain, it is like a "flickering" pain right at my left hipbone. It doesn't seem to be related to any activity (the other common explanation of round ligament pain) but it is pretty painful. Does this sound like round ligament pain to you? Just a stretching issue?


Olivene - March 9

Okay, here's more. It is orse when I lay daown and better when I stand. I hardly slept last night and the pain is pretty intense. Someone told me her doctor said it was due to a "congested pelvis"- has anyone heard of this?


kcraig - March 9

Olivene, I'm so glad you posted this. I just inquired about something similar in the August Mommies thread. I have been having some intense pains, that usually happen very early int he morning around 4 or so and happen all morning. Waking me up. I have also had the round ligament pain and this is different. It only happens when sleeping and is in my right hipbone/groin area. I usually have a buldge or change in shape suddenly in that area, like the baby is turning or something. It is not the normal flutters I feel from the baby throughout the day. It is starting to make me nervous and is seriously interrupting my sleep. This has just started over the last week. I am also 18 weeks as of tomorrow. When did it start for you?


Olivene - March 10

Hi, kcraig. My pain started right about 18 weeks, too. It started as a feeling that my left hip just needed to stretch or pop or something, but gradually got worse. It is with me all the time now (for 3 or 4 days now). It is worst when the baby changes post_tion just as you've said. It is definitley bothering me. I am not sleeping much. The only thing that seems to help at all is being in the bathtub in warm water. Lying flat seems to be the worst! I hope we're both over this soon!


kcraig - March 10

Me too! Mine also seems to be the worst when I am lying flat as well. I read a little bit yesterday about Braxton Hicks contractions, it sounds familiar to what we are experiencing. There suppose to be pretty harmless from what I've read.



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