Is This Safe To Swim

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tas - June 26

is it safe to go swimming in a river,lake or anybody of water that isn't a pool. i am just wondering since i am almost 11 weeks pregnant and don't want to do anything that will hurt the baby. thank you


jnine29 - June 26

yes,it is very saft but dnt dive in or bomb


tas - June 26

no i won't do that i just want to swim. it has been 100 degrees for todays in a row thank you


jnine29 - June 26

your welcome have fun


squished - June 26

I wish that I lived somewhere where I could swim. All of the water out here(in CO) is like 50 degrees! Who wants to get into that? If you have somewhere you can swim...swim away! My dr. said that it's probably the best exercise for you while your pregnant.


ThePezChick - June 27

My doctor advised swimming. He said it was great exercise and it helps if you're having problems with your uterus pushing on your siatic nerve. Wish I had a pool!


Perl - June 27

Swimming is a great form of exercise while pregnant. But some rivers can be dangerous--we have accidents and even some drownings in our local rivers (these are large rolling rivers) each and every summer by people who are swept away by a strong current and who are not wearing life preservers. Being thrown into a rock can be dangerous. Also, stay away from rope swings--very fun but also VERY dangerous. The least you can do in a river is wear a life preserver unless it's a very tame and small river. A lake may be tamer than most rivers but I guess it depends on the lake too. I plan to go snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean this summer but obviously not if they put a red flag on the beach and always with a buddy.


littlemama1022 - June 28

Yes it is safe.


Kristin72 - June 28

If the lake is considered polluted..I would avoid it. It is not even considered safe for those who are not pregnant so of course it could be dangerous for those who are. I think the ocean or a pool is your best bet aslong as the water is not too rough.



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