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sami - October 14

no laughing..kind of a silly question... I always thought you started to show from the bottom up. like from your uterus up to your belly button. i'm a little fuller below my belly button but around it i'm much bigger. hope i'm making sense, lol. and my belly button looks different, coming out sort of. i'm 12, almost 13 weeks. is this showing or just fat? i feel a little self conscious about it.


to sami - October 14

Hello. Well I don't have really an answer for you but I wanted to stay that I started "showing" first above my belly b___ton. Then I filled in at the bottom. Maybe it was not showing (just fat) but thats what I blamed it on!!


val - October 14

What you are describing is what my belly looks like too. I keep telling myself I'm not "showing" because it's not far down enough to be the baby yet because I'm only 14 weeks so the baby is still pretty far down there. Like you said I'm fuller down there, but it's more around my belly b___ton and a little above that sticks out farther than my b___bs already. And it's not all pretty and round, you can see an indent where my belly b___ton is! I think it's from the uterus growing upwards and pushing everything else up and out. I think I will really only consider myself showing a few weeks down the road, when I know the top of my uterus is getting closer to my belly b___ton.


Sam - October 14

That's where my belly started and that's where it is as well...higher and in the middle, and I'm 24 weeks. A lot of it is just your guts being pushed up and out by your uterus, so you're much better off telling people that yes, you're showing :) It's ALL baby.


bean - October 14

Sami - I'm 12 wks and I also have a little "pooch" way low under my belly b___ton. It gets huge at night as I bloat, but above my belly b___ton I'm still pretty thin. It looks kinda gross - like a beer gut! But hey... I'm blaming it on the baby! :)


bump - October 24



Jill - October 24

I am 13 weeks and I'm showing more above the belly b___ton than below. I thought it was weird too. But I have only gained 5 lbs so I don't really think it's all fat. I agree that it's probably baby pushing everything else up. By now your uterus is moving up and while baby is small, your uterus is MANY times bigger than it was pre pregnancy.


Jennifer - October 25

I'd say yes. That's exactly how I look. Just a little rounder slightly below the belly b___ton with a slight change in the belly b___ton. At least it's slight for me... might be different for other people.



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