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renaye - December 2

Hi all i dont think that my man knows what realy is going to happen when baby is here, dont get me wrong he is great kind and loveing but he just p___ses me off so bad and upsets me he wants to drink all the time and the things is he is not even working i make all the money i work full time i have 4 munth untill baby is here 3 untill i leave work and we dont have a thing becouse of him what should i say to him how can i make he see what is real !!!ps he is 19 yrs (lil shit)


Chris1975 - December 3

If hes not working and paying the bills, then how does he afford drinking and going out? perhaps get him to start doing grocery shopping each day for dinner with you or for you, and if he doesnt, he wont get fed! (keep a backup of food for yourself!) . Im hoping you arent supporting him as well as saving for when you wont be working. If so, kick him out until he can look after at LEAST himself. He needs to learn how to take care of himself before he can take care of a family, so he really needs this time to start getting his act together. Good luck to you!


javidsgirl - December 3

i completely agree with chris. infact if i were you in your place i would be putting my foot down and using the other to kick his sorry as out to work


javidsgirl - December 3

that a__s not as


Stephanie_31 - December 3

I understand the importance of a father figure but you might want to rethink the situation. When this baby comes you will not have time to take care of 2 kids. Sometimes it is easier on your own. Tell him he needs to grow up or you will have to go it alone. If you leave him what are you missing out on besides someone drinking away all your hard earned money? If he can't take care of himself, he is not going to be any help taking care of you or your baby!


Rachel29 - December 3

Sorry for your situation. That seems really rough. I do agree with the other posters that you might really want to rethink living with this guy when you have the baby, but I wanted to give you a ray of hope as well. Some guys actually do have lightening strike when they see their babies for the first time, so maybe that will happen, and he'll somehow feel like he needs to go out and get his life together. On the flip side, your partner is really young so it may take a few years for him to mature and realize what it means to be a parent. You sound like you have your head on straight with a job and everyting and I hope things improve for you. Keep us posted.



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