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cindi - April 20

Hi everyone. Today I had an anatomy scan done and it confirmed that I am having a son. I am so excited that I got to see the baby's face and was amazing!


yourtrish - April 20

Congratulatioins Cindi!!! We found out this week too that it's a girl and couldn't be happier. As long as the baby is healthy and happy...what more could you ask for?


Laurabb4 - April 20

Congratulations to you both! I have three boys! They are busy! I am expecting a girl!


SuzieQ - April 21

Congratulations!!! Have you chosen any names yet???


kats - April 21

hi laurabb4 i have three boys too, and at my 19th week scan was told it was a girl,i even saw the private parts and there were nothing to indicte a boy and saw some lines to indicate a girl but im not sure wether to believe it.Can you tell me a bit about your scan and when you had it. thanks.


Tanya2 - April 21

Congractulations Cindi,, yourtrish and Kats. I'm having a boy too. When are you due? I'm due Sept 2nd. I have a 7 month old baby girl. She is adorable. I'm happy to have a boy. Now we are done (hopefully) but my husband wants more. If I do de'cided to have another it will be when these two babies are in school. Have you thought of any names? I don't even know when to begin, I'm looking for something unique. Any suggestions??


Laurabb4 - April 21

Hi Kats, After seeing boy parts with all three pregnancies. My DH and I were shocked. It was a big shock for us. The three lines that they say for a girl. No cord in the way. Close up scan. I will not believe it for sure until I see her! I was 19 weeks also. I am 27 weeks now. Go to click on belly/ultrasound galleries and you can compare your pictures with what others look like. What is your due date?


yourtrish - April 21

Hi ladies. We've decided to name our little girl Audra Maria. Audra after my late mother, Audrey, who died from cancer when I was 18 and Maria after my mother in law. We pretty much agreed on these names years ago when we first met, and no matter how cute other names sound... none of them mean as much to us as the names we've chosen. Audra Maria is very special to us :)


cindi - April 21

I'm due August 13th and I cannot wait although I will really miss being pregnant.


kats - April 22

hi laurabb4 thanks for the reply,i am also in denial there was no cord in the way too i think i will believe it when i see her.I am due 4th september,but all my others were born usually early 38 weeks and 37 weeks the last two.I heard you carry girls longer, is that true?


kats - April 22

hi also congratulations cindi,yourstrish,laura and tanya .Babies are amazing.


Laurabb4 - April 22

Hi Kats, My boys all came at different times. My first on his due date. My second at 37/1 water gushed (he was my quickest labor. Third I was induced at 38 weeksbecause of measuring big. He came out only 6 lbs. The delivery was a little longer. I want my doctor to deliver so we will see when I am closer if I get induced again. I kindof have a feeling I will go over though. We should think we wouldn't having gone through labor three times already. Congratulations to all!!



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