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Maggie - October 11

I had my ultrasound today and found out it's a girl! They also recalculated my due date. Instead of 02/23/06, Kathleen Mary should make her grand entrance 02/16/06!


kendall - October 11

i have a question i had my u/s on the 28th of sept and found out that i could be having a girl what exactly did they see to determine that it was a girl? i need help to find out i'm going crazy


uh... - October 11

they didn't see a p___s


kendall - October 11

at my u/s they saw 2 little white lines when the baby's but was on the cam


Mary - October 11

Hello! Congrats on your new find!! I am very happy for you! I am having a baby boy this time, but I do have a girl that is four years old (my first child) and she's just dying to play dress up with her new brother, lol. (was hoping it was another girl for that reason alone hehe). I love the name Kathleen Mary! My little girls name is Mandy Grace. My hubby wanted Mandy, and I wanted it to be Grace, but his name is Mark so we will probably keep the M names going. Any cute M names? I thought about Matthew, but hubby is trying to make it a "Mark Jr." lol I dont even like the name Mark! Shh :-)


Maggie - October 11

Kendell that rude response above this one was not me. The labia looks like three little lines, one on top of the other. If you go to you can see some ultrasound pics of baby girls. Sometimes the tech will mistake the cord for a p___s, but the tech I had was able to make the cord blue and red so we were certain that it wasn't a p___s.


Maggie - October 11

Oops, Mary's response wasn't rude "uh..." was rude. Thanks for the kind words Mary. I like Matthew because its my brother's name. I definately go for the more traditional names. I like Mark, but I never liked the idea of having a junior, because they will be 50 years old, and people will still call them junior. I also really like the name Malcolm.


Lisa - October 11

Congrats Maggie! I'm having a girl too...


kendall - October 11

maggie thank you i actually found a pic that looks just like what i saw at my u/s so we are having a girl. now daddy will have to accept that he's gonna have 2 princesses lol.


Rachel.R - October 11

Congrats.. I found out on 20th of August that im having a girl.. they saw the 3 dots or lines too.. very exciting.. Ashley is due January 16th. :) Gosh.. just read.. everyone is having a girl.. CONGRATS everyone too :)


K - October 11

We're having a boy :) Good luck to all!


amanda - October 12

Hi, Can you try this gender prediction to see if it predicted right for you since you already know what you're having. It is free. Here is the website, be sure to take out the extra dashes -- there are 3 one in compatibility and 2 in html I appreciate it. Thanks.


Brandie - October 12

CONGRATS!! I'm having my second GIRL they are the greatest!!! Good Luck!


mina - October 12

congrats Maggie!!! very exciting, I am due around the same time you are, our little girl is due around 2/9/06---very cool!!!


mother777 - October 12

i am having a girl too jan 10th


K - October 12

Mina 2/9 is my bday! Congrats!


mina - October 13

to K: Cool! I hope our little girl comes close to the due date, our first one came 12 days past the due date : ( Boy was I ready to have her!



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