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Babycrazy - December 1

GIRL!!!!!! I am very excited!!! The thing is.........I really wanted a girl, then I convinced myself it was boy....I got used to the idea and then when the U/S tech said girl I said WHAT?!?! haha I was wondering if anyone else had this feeling? I think it's just natural, even if you get what you wanted you still have this feeling like what if it was the other????? Human nature to always want what you don't have!?! :) I would have been happy no matter what of course. I am very happy to be part of the pink team!


Rachel29 - December 1

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you! I know what you mean though...I really want a girl too, but have been trying to prepair for a boy (I'll let you know if a couple of weeks). I'm sure you would have been happy either way, but I'm so glad that you got what you had been hoping for! Enjoy getting your nursery ready and picking out adorable little cloths!


EricaG - December 2

I was the EXACT same way with my daughter. I wanted a girl SO bad that I convinced myself I was having a boy. At my 20 week ultrasound when the tech told me it was a girl I would not believe her. Then after that, whenever someone asked me what I was having I would say "well, they say it's a girl" or "they claim it's a girl". I got everything in neutral colors and decorated in neutral colors. Then, finally, at my 34 week ultrasound they verified that it was a girl and showed me her little pee-pee and even got a picture of it, lol. I finally was able to go home and take the tags off of all the pink clothes my mom and mil had bought, lol. 3 weeks later I gave birth to a happy healthy GIRL!


Babycrazy - December 2

Thanks ladies, you always know how to make me feel better! Oh something I how everyone is saying "well you know it could still be a boy" or "I have a friend of a friend of my sisters dog walker that THOUGHT she was having a girl too...then out came a boy!" Can't I just enjoy the fact that I am having a girl for a little while!!! hahaha I know it happens sometimes but my US tech seemed pretty sure and even gave us a picture of what looks to be a girl genitalia! Anyway, hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the holiday season so far :)


mgn - December 4

babycrazy, u made me laugh out loud! a friend of a friend of my sisters dog walker! haha that is so true! we find out monday (hopefully) what were having and when i tell people they either say, "oh...ur making a mistake by finding out" or "well, be careful, there not always 100% sure" i want to be like, u know what???? why dont u mind your own business then!!! dont ask me about it if u have to throw ur opinion in there. some people just cannot stand to see people happy. congrats on ur baby girl! i am so happy for you. GO PINK!!! i will let you all now monday what we find out. i feel like its a boy. happy either way! take care



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