It S A Boy Baby Names

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Heidi - December 28

I found out today that we are having a boy. I now need to come up with some boy names. Any good names out there??? The only one that came to mind so far is Kyle.


lilmama - January 2

I named my son Cody Alexander. we also liked Seth Alexander, Logan, Christopher, Jason, Landon, Dakota... I cant really remember the rest but we had a big list to choose from


krista - January 2

i also found out that i am having a boy i like the name adam for some just like stood out from all the others with me.


Heidi - January 3

That is to funny about the names. We have been throwing around some names for a few day now and they have been Cody, Seth,Adam, Conner, and Jacob. My 4 year old picked out Jacob and they have been calling him that. It is starting to grow on me. Thanks for the responses.


Sylvie - January 7

Hey I also love the name Adam, am 25weeks pregnant and Hope it will be a boy this time. The last time I thought I was carrying a boy but it turned out to be a gal and we named her Marsha.


Heidi - January 7

Adam was my grandfathers name. My husband and daughter keep calling him Jacob Anthony. We would call him Jake for short. Anthony is my husbands middle name. There are so many nice names out there so choose from!! It is driving me nuts.


Lisa - January 7

I am having a baby and have not found out the s_x yet. I like Noah for a boy.


Gail - January 11

Check out this Web site which lists names by popularity: They should have 2004 names posted soon. My husband and I are purposely staying away from the top trendy names. We're having a lot more trouble with boys' names.


Beth - January 14

I like Reid, Jack, Gavin, Devon, Nathan, and Noah. The popularity website is a good idea. You don't want your son to be Jacob#3 or only known by his last name if he has a very popular name.


Tracy - January 15

I have just found out that im having a boy, Me and my partner decided on the name Callum if i was to have a boy but has now changed his mind now im havning a boy and likes Daniel or Ben.


Shannon - January 17

I'm working on my 3rd boy in 3 years so far I have son #1Alex LeStat, son #2 Brandon James Son #3 Conner, McCoy, Hunter, Jake, Kyle, Or Maxwell not to sure what to go with :/ can someone help?


Sara - January 30

Im having a boy.. I like the names Jack, Taylor, Dylan, or Tristan


janet - January 30

I am naming my son Liam Daniel


Rachel - January 30

I dont know yet what my baby will be but if its a boy I'll name him Benjamin Alan. I also really like Lukas......


hello - January 30

i love the names conner,ethan,jonah and landon


carina - February 3

Name your baby CALEB. It means bold and faithful. That's my son's name. It's not common either.


ALICE - February 9




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