It S A Girl Can I Believe It

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M - September 23

I'm 18 1/2 weeks and was told that I am having a girl! The ultrasound tech said she didn't see a p__s where it should be and is sticking with a girl. Can I believe it? The heartrate was 148.


Sonu - September 23

I think the tech looks for the p___s , if they don't find one they a__sume it's a girl. They might be correct unless your little boy was hiding his! Old wives tale says 140 and above is a girl baby. But not too sure abt it. I am 20 weeks preg, initially my bbay's heart beat was 165-170 or so but now it is 140 so donno what it's gonna be.


jess - September 23

Heart rates have absolutely nothing to do with the s_x of the baby. There's been a lot of studies done on this (check google). A baby will have a higher heart rate if it's awake and moving than it will if it's sleeping. As for can you believe the tech... well... you don't really have any other alternatives!


shelly - September 23

Heart rate dosen't matter, it depends on there activity. I'm having a boy, in my first ultrasound he was jumping around the whole time and his heart rate was 158. Today I got another one and he was sleeping at first and his heart rate was 148. My boy's p___s was very obvious during both u/s, was your baby moving around alot??


m - September 23

yes the baby wouldn't stop moving! she's already very active.


Sam - September 25

I got sort of an inconclusive answer in my u/s, too. She said don't be surprised if it's a girl (I'll find out at my next u/s, hopefully), but wouldn't say for sure that it was. The baby wasn't moving and she had her feet mostly covering the area. I'm hoping it's a girl! I have two more ultrasounds coming up, but I wish I could have found out before my first round of shower invites go out (and I register for stuff).


nikinoo - September 26

They are pretty accurate! Although if you are going by heartrate mine was 145 and Im definately having a boy after also seeing his p___s! It was pretty visable and I had my ultrasound at 19weeks! Good luck ;o)


Amy - September 26

i feel the same way when we had our son they told us he was a girl so we done it all in pink and sure enouh it was a boy but as for heart rate my sons never went over 150 and now i'm 19wks 2 d and they say its a boy i really not sure so i go all blue and it will be a girl and heart rate is always 160+ and they say higher its a girl who knows if i need to we will take it all back like last time :)



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