Itch Liver Probs

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Shona - April 22

I had a blood test taken a week ago because I could not stop itching my body - it was getting crazy!! My Dr called me 2day and said my test result is slightly over what it should be and it could be caused by a liver inflammation - I'm re doing my test next week. This worries me - Anyone else been told this or experienced this?? (The condition is called - Obstetric Cholestasis)


Maleficent - April 23

i had it with my first baby. don't panic! the biggest risk to the baby is the condition can sometimes effect the ammount of amniotic fliud. you'll probably be getting regular non-stress tests. they just put a monitor on your tummy and you get to listen to the baby's hearbeat for about half an hour. my doctor also had me get an U/S once a week to mesure the fluid. the other risk is delivering earlier than expected, but with the right precautions in place there are things you can do to give birth safely. the itching never got much better but soon as he was born it stopped. think positive, and e-mail me or post here if you need someone who's been through it to talk to.


Shona - April 23

Hi Malificent - thanks I will e-mail you. I have been worried cause I've heard it causes still birth.


daniela - May 13

i started itchy like crazy last week. It's so bad! i'm scratching from head to toe! I went to the doc today and he sent me out for blood tests. I'm 32 weeks along with twins. is there anything i could do to relieve the itch at home?


RNmom - May 24

I had cholestasis of pregnancy. My bile acid levels were elevated. My doctor monitored me very closely, gave me Actigall and delivered me at 37 weeks. It can be very serious, and some doctors are not well educated on it because it is relatively rare. So insist your doctor monitor you very carefully. My baby is healthy and has no problems.


Maleficent - May 25

daniela, keep a bottle of lation in your fridge. for some reason the cold lotion was much more soothing and lasted longer. good luck with the testing.



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