Itchy Belly Button

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meg - May 16

I'm almost 24 weeks & the past few days I've noticed that my belly button is itching. It's mostly when I take a shower & hot water hits it, but it does itch at other times too, any one else experience this or know what it means? Thanks!


Kim L - May 16

YES! Mine is also itchy and sometimes a little sore. I am about 20 weeks. I thought it was because I have had a surgery that left a scar inside my belly b___ton (laprascopy) and now it's agitated because things are pushing against it. But I'm hearing it from lots of pregnant women that they're itching too. I've heard that hormones can make you extremely itchy at just about anywhere! I just use lots of lotion and that helps for a bit. I've heard vitamin E oil can be good too. :-)


Ddvinson3 - May 16

Yes my belly b___ton is itchy as well. But as far as the Vitamin E I asked my dr about that a week ago because I was going to use it for my stretch marks. My dr adv me not to use it because it makes your placenta stick and can cause compications during labor. Well using to much can cause it to stick. But my dr did adv me to just use cocoa b___ter for the itchy belly b___ton and everything else that is itching. Hope this helps!


chamomilia - May 19

I am 22 weeks and my belly and b___ton have started itching too. My bellyb___ton is also getting sensitive. I heard that putting a bandaid across it sometimes helps when it becomes unbearable. I use cocoa b___ter lotion for now and that works well. I put it on in the morning and at night before I go to bed. I think the itchyness is due to the stretching of your skin that is starting to happen.


amyn - May 19

My belly b___ton isn't itchy yet, only 19 weeks but I have the worse dry skin on my b___bs and belly, its flaky (gross) and I use all sorts of lotion, any suggestions cause my MIL said Vitamin E but after reading Ddvinson3's post I don't want to risk it. Do you think I should just buy baby oil?


michellep - May 19

Sounds like dry and stretching skin to me. My skin has been really dry lately I think because of hormones, normally I'm a bit oily. I've been using eucerin, which seems like it has a lot of oils in it (and no perfumes), but doesn't feel greasy. It really soothes my skin. I would try not to scratch though if you can, because I would think that that would make it itch worse, since you could be damaging your skin from scratching, and then it will itch as it heals.


flower.momma - May 20

Watch out for PUPPS, it is a very uncomfortable condition that occurs in 1sr pregnancies and causes you to break out in hive-like rashes all over your torso and limbs. Most of the bumps occur in stretch marks. I had it with my daughter and it was terriblely uncomfortable, although not harmful to baby or me. Also, impared liver function can cause a similar rash. But most likely it is just your skin stretching out, and vaseline worked best for me with that, its kind of messy though.



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