Itchy Dry Stomach

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knightal418 - June 28

I am 19 weeks pregnant, my stomach is itching like crazy! At night I put vitamin e oil and in the morning the thick coco butter and throughout the day the coco better lotion... but my stomach still looks dry and is peeling sort of... it looks like an old person's skin! Is anyone else experiencing this... I just thought with all I have been putting on - it shouldn't be dry and scaley!


SuzieQ - June 28

I've been getting patchy skin on my face (real lovely....sheesh!) and have found that doing olive oil facials is doing wonders. I would never normally put that much oil on my face, but it seems to really help! And my skin isn't breaking out,so I'm happy :)


KLT - June 28

SuzieQ, i've got the same thing going on, on my chin. Its awful. I'm going to try the olive oil facial tonight! So what...just put it on, just like that? For how long?


kvilendrer - June 28

This happened to me when I was pregnant with my son...i'm actually ttc my 2nd, but as your skin stretches, it gets REALLY itchy!! All i did was put cocoa b___ter on it


knightal418 - June 29

But is it normal to be so dry and peeling when I am putting so much stuff on it...?


Perl - June 29

In in my 20th week and so far have only had a bit of itching a couple of times on my belly. Are you drinking enough water (like several gla__ses per day)?? Drinking water will hydrate your skin much better than applying oils and lotions will. But it's good to do both. I use large amounts of cocoa b___ter on my belly, hips back and b___sts in the morning and then rub olive oil on my belly at night before I go to bed. DHC has great olive oil products for your face and body but I don't see why you can't just use plain extra virgin olive oil. My favorite DHC olive oil product is a facial cleanser that you rub into your skin to unclog pores and it washes away easily with water & soap. I use DHC olive oil soap and a toner made of placenta (also from DHC). I just discovered them and LOVE their products. *** If you're itching don't scratch, if you're peeling maybe what you are using (soap, laundry detergent or lotion or body spray) is irritating your skin. Try something else and if that doesn't work, have yoru Dr. look at it.


carol23 - July 2

Perl, did you say you use a toner that is made of placenta? That's kinda gross........ yet interesting. Do tell us more. Does it work really good?


Perl - July 3

Yes I did, and yes it does! I used to use the Kiehl's cuc_mber toner which is also very good but the DHC one has cuc_mber and placenta and as far as my sensitive skin goes, the dhc is better. It's called "Mild Lotion" even though it's a toner. It's alcohol free and has cuc_mber juice and placental protein as some of the very few main ingredients. I kind of grossed out when I found out about the placenta too but I was already hooked because I like the way it softens and clears up or almost brightens my skin. The toner looks almost like water with a light and refreshing smell so I ordered more of it as soon as I ran out. About $25 for 3 ounces. I really like it, but I think it works best in combination with the olive oil & honey soap ("mild soap"). You can find out more at I'm pretty sure they have a money-back guarantee on all of their products.



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